Restaurant inspections published in the Jessamine Journal 7.25.19

The following inspections were released by the Jessamine County Health Department:

– Depot Street Pizza, 309 N. 3rd Street, 98 on June 27. Notes: Floor in poor repair in kitchen. Wall and ceiling unfinished in back room.

– Ford’s Down the Corner, 108 E. Maple Street, 98 on June 27. Notes: Miscellaneous articles in kitchen. Not cooking food at this time.

– BHP Bistro, 140 Eisenhower Ct., 100 on June 27. Notes: No violations found.

– Raising Cane’s, 551 Keene Centre Drive, 100 on June 26.

– Firehouse Subs, 455 Keene Centre Drive, 99 on June 26. Notes: Spout on ice machine in need of cleaning.

– Dairy Queen, 900 S. Main Street, 92 on June 25. Notes: Can-opener blade in need of cleaning. Dumpster door open. Too much gap under back door. Some flies around trash can in back of kitchen. Cookie dough pieces on floor in walk-in freezer. Ice cream mix stored on floor. Walk-in cooler door not shutting properly.

– Pepper Hill Farm, 1127 Baker Lane, 100 on June 21.

– Cafe of Chrisman Mill, 2385 Chrisman Mill Road, 99 on June 22. Notes: No food prep. Wall coving not finished in back.

– Starbucks #10638, 123 Bryant Drive, 99 on June 24. Notes: Walls poor repair, unfinished under cold bar. Coving poor repair near 3-comp sink. Walls dirty behind ice machine.

– Mini Mart, 634 Edgewood Drive, 96 on June 25. Notes: Paper towels missing at hand sink. Dumpster lids open.

– Circle K #4703248, 100 Bellerive Drive, 97 on June 20. Notes: Breakfast products not date labeled. Items that need cleaned: cabinet under sink in coffee area. Cooler under hot dogs and gasket, store freezer door jam. Stools dirty in corner by soda area, missing coving by door.

– Kroger # 766, 200 E. Brannon Road, 96 for food and 100 for retail on June 21. Notes: Thermometers needed in cheese coolers, deli coolers and meat display coolers. Hand sink sensor broken. Floors in deli missing grout and coving. Needs placard.

– Arby’s, 402 E. Main Street, 97 on June 24. Notes: Dumpster door open. Lights in back room not shielded or shatterproof.

– Big Apple, 200 Wilson Drive, 92 on June 25. Notes: Products must be time labeled to use time as a control. Ribs (raw) stored on top of bread in walk-in. Items that need cleaning: ice maker, fry screens, 3-comp hand sink area. Hand sink without paper towels and sponges inside. Floors dirty, standing water under soda fountain and in back walk-in. Walls in back dirty poor repair, ceilings. Needs placard.

– Jimmy John’s, 113 Bryant Drive, 96 on June 17. Notes: Two cleaning bottles not labeled. Items to clean — low boy cooler in front with liquid, interior walls of ice maker. Dumpster open, lids poor repair.

– European Food Mart, 2221 Lexington Road, 99 for food and 99 for retail on June 17. Notes: Carpet in back store room.

– Kentucky United Methodist Home, 1115 Ashgrove Road, 95 on June 19. Notes: Food left uncovered on bar. Temp and discard food not below 41 degrees — CKK salad 43 degrees — discard before next service. Fry screens and interior door of ice machine dirty. Floors dirty, especially by ice machine, storage area and walk in. Ceiling leak, open.

– Subway, 135 Orchard Drive, 96 on June 18. Notes: Food stored above fill line on cold bar. Large opening at bottom of back door.

– Dollar Tree #1992, 1019 N. Main Street, 99 on June 18. Notes: Stained carpet in food area.

– Joy Food, 258 E. Brannon Road, 96 on June 19. Notes: Cabbage being prepped in 3-comp sink. Use colander to prevent contamination. Shelf in walk-in dirty with sauce. Wall with service spoons dirty. Food in walk-in on floor.

– Asbury University cafeteria, 1 Macklem Drive, 97 on April 16. Notes: Rotating return line in need of cleaning. Plates collecting debris in low storage area at serving line. Cups stacked wet at drink station. Wall in need of cleaning in stock room #2. Dusty metal coming apart at salad prep sink. Corner of bar at drink station not in good repair.

– ZT’s Bistro at Asbury University, 1 Macklem Drive, 99 on April 16. Notes: Lids cracked at hot holding stations in kitchen. Need to replace.

– Hiccup Cafe at Asbury University, 1 Macklem Drive, 98 on April 16. Notes: And raw wood shall be painted or sealed including pallet on floor and wooden platforms that boxes of cups and lids are stored on. Spray bottle not labeled of cleaner or water cleaner. Manager will teach all staff how to use chlorine test strips.

– Nicholasville United Methodist Church Kitchen, 303 W. Maple Street, 98 on June 7. Notes: Leftovers should be stored in food grade containers instead of single use containers like gallon ice cream containers.

– Papa John’s, 935 N. Main Street, 97 on June 4. Notes: Cutting board, can opener, shelves dirty. Dumpster missing lid.

– AFC Corp. DBA-AFC Sushi at Kroger #766, 200 E. Brannon Road, 100 on June 21. Notes: No violations found.

– Movie Tavern, 150 Langley Drive, 98 on June 4. Notes: Items corrected. Dumpster area should be pressure washed.