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Family school partnerships lead to success

By Dreama Gentry Executive Director of Partners for Education at Berea College This Nov. 15-19, Partners for Education ...


Healthcare may be state’s most divisive issue

By Cherylnn Stevenson State Representative Few issues debated in Congress and state capitols are as divisive as healthcare, ...


November is National Adoption Month

By Jay Miller, PHD Every child, no matter the context, needs a permanent family. Having been in out-of-home ...


Jessamine County Fire District food drive seeks donors

Hello everyone, this is chaplain Billy Holland with the Jessamine County Fire District. Every member of the department, ...


COVID-19 and children: What to look out for

By Scottie Day, M.D. Kentucky Children’s Hospital Physician-In-Chief As flu season comes around and our children are going ...


Help increase healthcare access for Kentuckians by supporting nurse practitioners

                              Dr. Julie Ossege and Dr. Sheila Melander We, as Advanced Practice Registered Nurses and healthcare providers, would ...


McConnell says Biden wants IRS to track citizens’ bank accounts

President Biden likes to claim his $3.5 trillion tax and spending spree will only hurt the wealthiest Americans, ...

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Back to school for the square pegs

By Anne Carmichael Community columnist When I was in school all those eons ago, Mother told me to ...

Jessamine County

A not-so-novel idea in a novel time

By Nick Storm Contributing columnist Political candidates and politicians around the country sure do a lot of talking ...


The mask wars: Local choice better than Frankfort’s coercion

  “Then, we all laughed because we knew we could get in trouble for swearing, but the strength ...

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