UPDATE: Treetop Properties’ former owner speaks out

Published 11:00 am Saturday, January 8, 2022

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A company formerly associated with Treetop Properties apartments seeks to set the record straight about recent news events where residents of the Nicholasville property were told to move out in mid December.

Located at 500 Beauford Place and 720 S. Main St., residents of the apartment complex were informed about a change in management on Dec. 6. A week later, letters were delivered to residents telling them to move out by Jan. 31 — just one month since the notification arrived.

Bob Peterson, owner of the parent company of Treetop Properties, LLC, clarified that though his company shared the same name as the apartment complex, his company does not own the property and has nothing to do with what’s happening.

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Peterson said his company purchased the 720 S. Main and the 500 Beauford Place properties in March of 2012. “Even though we had separate LLCs for each property, the company managed them as Treetop Properties and put up the appropriate signage,” he said. “In 2016 we sold the properties to Tree Top Apartments, LLC. Because of the similarity in name, they requested that we allow them to use the signage which we agreed to.”

Peterson said the property has now had 2 separate owners since that time, but the signage has not changed.

“Each time we have requested that the signage be taken down but nothing has happened,” he said. “Because it was really not an issue we did not worry about it. Unfortunately, the property was popularly known as Treetop Properties.”

Property’s sign was removed in recent days.

However, Peterson said because the property’s signage has not changed since he sold the property, people may think that his company is behind recent events at the apartment complex.

“The problem for us is that we still actively own and manage multi family apartments under the name of Treetop Properties,” he said. “Because the signage at the Nicholasville properties still remains as Treetop Properties, the recent events have definitely affected the positive reputation that we have built. People are very angry at us thinking we are part of this unfolding fiasco.”

Attempts to reach Tree Tops Apartment’s management company were unsuccessful.