Preparing students for the future

Published 1:07 pm Thursday, June 28, 2018

Matt Moore has served as Deputy

superintendent of Jessamine

County Schools since August

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2017. He has worked

for the Jessamine

County School district

for more than 25

years, and worked as

the director of special

programs for 12 years.

He has taught at both

elementary and high

school levels, as well

as coached boys varsity

soccer. Moore is a transplant to Jessamine

County, moving to the area from Henderson

County. He served in the Army Reserves and

Kentucky National Guard from 1985-2008

and lives in Nicholasville along with his wife,


What is your favorite part

about being a Jessamine

County resident?

The small-town family atmosphere has

always attracted me to Jessamine County,

which is one of the main reasons I chose to

remain here as an adult.

When those you meet in life ask

you about where you live, how

do you describe it?

It’s home. Depending on the topic and

the people I’m speaking with, I always have

something special to share about our county.

Whether it’s the school system, the community

events, the people or the local creek

fishing, Jessamine County is consistently a

big part of my conversations and life.

What have you found unique

about living and working in

Jessamine County?

The unique thing about Jessamine County

is the relationships that we have with one

another. There is always that sense of pride

in everything we do because we know we

are doing it for people we care about.

What are some of the developments

in the county that

you have seen over time which

stand out to you?

Obviously the biggest change to Jessamine

County for me is the growth of the

school system. Not only have we grown in

our student population and school campuses,

but we have also developed multiple impactful

opportunities for our students that

didn’t exist even 10 years ago.

What are you most excited

about for the future of

Jessamine County?

The community has pulled resources

together for a common purpose. This includes

our effort to become a work ready

community, to develop a walking trail, the

School Resource Officer partnership as well

as the healthy community accreditation

and work-based learning opportunities for

our students. We are being very intentional

with our focus on community resources,

community opportunities and community


What have you learned and

taken from your time spent as

superintendent of Jessamine

County Schools?

Our district has a continuous improvement

mindset and we are in pursuit of

excellence, but never at the expense of relationships

and personalized instruction because

our students are our focus.

How has living in Jessamine

County shaped you as an


I am proud of the fact that I’m from Jessamine

County and Kentucky, and I believe

that we represent the heart and soul of the

United States.

What is your favorite

memory or pasttime

in Jessamine County?

My time in the classroom working with

students will always be some of my favorite

memories as well as the time I get to spent

with my wife and our family.

Where is your favorite place

to go in Jessamine County?

My favorite place in Jessamine County is

standing in the middle of one of the local

creeks with a fishing pole in my hand.

What is your favorite holiday

or community event which

takes place in Jessamine

County and why?

I have attended the Taste of Jessamine

with my wife for several years and find it

a great opportunity to experience a diverse

range of foods and to interact with several

wonderful members of our community.

Our Arts Walk event is always a favorite as

well. We have so many talented students! In

addition, our high school graduations are so

special to me. Knowing that we have given

our best to prepare graduates for success and

seeing them and their families enjoy the moment

as they enter the next phase of their

journey is exciting and satisfying.