UK DC wants to keep things simple this season

Published 8:00 am Wednesday, June 26, 2024

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Kentucky defensive coordinator Brad White believes in “fundamental football” to try and force offenses into bad decisions.


“It is hard on offenses to stay patient and it is hard to stay patient at times defensively,” White said. “There are times to be aggressive and take your shots but also times you have to play smart football. When our players feel I don’t hang them out to dry, they play confident and fast.

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“I know every series doesn’t pan out the way you want but we’ve had some good results lately and want to have more.”


White will have a veteran defense with experienced players not only starting but also in backup positions. However, he knows he must avoid the temptation to expand the playbook too much even with experienced play.


“Part of me felt like that last year with a lot of veteran guys coming back that I expanded the playbook too much at times. You are always learning as a coach and sometimes you push the boundaries too far and players are thinking too much and trying to be too perfect,” the UK defensive coordinator said.


“I want to let them play fast and free and confident and with their experience they understand where the cracks and weaknesses are. You have got to have wrinkles but if you play fast in the scheme where you can bait a quarterback or if they run this route this is what I do then you can be successful.


“You are always walking a tightrope having enough schemes but not too much to hinder the way a guy plays. I have not been perfect in that.”