Nicholasville City Commission approves several ordinances at latest meeting

Published 3:02 pm Friday, March 1, 2024

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On Monday, Feb. 26, the Nicholasville City Commission held a regular meeting, passing multiple approvals of zone changes, hires and even a raise for the next set of city commissioners.

For the past several months, the human resources manager for the city of Nicholasville, Kathy Rhineheimer, has been working with different Nicholasville departments to update the city’s employee manuals. The commission passed several municipal orders in this meeting. These municipal orders got rid of old job descriptions and created new job descriptions, such as the staff engineer who will work with planning and zoning and the city engineer.

During the meeting, the commission approved the following hires and promotions:

  • Peter B. was hired as a senior accountant in administration at $34.62 an hour.
  • Charlie Cross was hired as an intern through JCTC with the planning, zoning and engineering departments. He will be a part-time worker paid $10 an hour
  • Fray Duncan was hired as assistant superintendent at the meter department at the hourly rate of $35. 
  • Jeremy Miller was hired as a temporary full-time police officer at the rate of $25 an hour.
  • Chester Hager was hired as a police officer at the hourly rate of $25.
  • Jackie Hisel was hired as a social worker for the Nicholasville Police Department at the hourly rate of $33. 
  • Barry Walder was hired for a seasonal city patrol assignment at the hourly rate of $23.10 with no benefits.
  • Six firefighter recruits were approved to be hired as firefighters with no change in rate. (This means the fire station will soon be fully staffed when these recruits graduate).
  • A Wilmore firefighter was approved for his lateral move to Nicholasville at $15.41 an hour. 

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According to Mayor Alex Carter, the commissioner and mayor’s salary details will be discussed at the next commission meeting on Monday, March 4, at 5 p.m. at the Nicholasville Police Department. 

Commissioner Patty Teeter said this raise goes into effect for the next group that comes into council after the November election. Commissioner Bethany Brown said the idea for a salary change was decided in the commission workshop meeting. 



The following ordinance was passed on its second reading:

Ordinance 141-2024

An ordinance amending the official zoning map for the city of Nicholasville from A-1 (County) Central Agriculture to B-1 (City) Central Business District for approximately 21.62 acres of property located at 1281 Keene Road, PVA Parcel #057-00-00-003.00.

The following ordinances were passed for their first readings this meeting but will need a second reading in the next meeting for final approval: 

Ordinance 144-2024

An ordinance amending the official zoning map for the city of Nicholasville from B-1 (Central Business District) to R-1D (Single Family residential district) for approximately .33 acres of property located at 217 South Main Street.

Ordinance 145-2024

An ordinance amending the official zoning map for the city of Nicholasville from R-3 (Multi-family residential district) to R-1C (single family residential district) for approximately 15.44 acres of property located on a portion of 1050 Ashgrove Road portion of pea parcel #067-00-00-002.00

Ordinance 146-2024

An ordinance establishing a decree of annexation of 22.29 acres of real property located at 1075 Ashgrove Road, between Bethel Harvest Drive and Lee Burton Lane (PVA PARCEL NO. 067-00-00-002.00 into the city of Nicholasville, Ky. (Parcel number is wrong, will be fixed on second reading.)

Ordinance 147-2024

An ordinance amending section 2-103 of the code of ordinances of the city of Nicholasville to increase the salaries of the mayor and members of the Nicholasville city commission. (For the first time in over 16 years.)