Cameron takes Jessamine County

Published 6:00 pm Tuesday, November 7, 2023

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Cameron carried Jessamine County but Beshear took the commonwealth Tuesday night.

In Jessamine County, in the race for the Governor’s Mansion in the Frankfort, Republican Daniel Cameron and running mate for lieutenant governor, Robert M. “Robby” Mills received 53 % of the votes, against incumbent Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear and running mate Jacqueline Coleman. However, several media outlets called the election in Beshear’s favor early in the night.

In the lone local race, Michael J Foster defeated F.M. “Eric” Walsh in the race for Board of Education 4th District Member, winning 51 % of the vote.

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Other than in the governor’s and board of education races, the voters had high votes for every republican candidate running, mirroring the statewide races.

In the race for secretary of state, incumbent Michael Adams defeated Charles “Buddy” Wheatley with 69% of the Jessamine County vote.

In the race for attorney general, Russell Coleman defeated Pamela Stevenson in Jessamine County with 65% of votes.

In the race for auditor of public accounts, Allison Ball took the cake against Kim Reeder with 69% of Jessamine County votes.

In the race for state treasurer, Mark Metcalf defeated Michael Bowman winning 65% of the Jessamine County vote.

And in the office of commissioner agriculture, Jonathan Shell defeated Sierra Enlow winning 65% of the vote in Jessamine County.

Local Races

Member Board of Education 4th Educational District 

Michael J Foster: 1,109  Р51 %

F. M. “Eric” Walsh: 1,057 – 49 %

State races (All totals are for Jessamine Co.)

Governor and Lieutenant Governor

Daniel Cameron and Robert M. “Robby” Mills (R): 9,104 – 53 %

Andy Beshear and Jacqueline Coleman (D):  8,007 Р47 %

Secretary of State

Michael Adams (R): 11,537 – 69 %

Charles “Buddy” Wheatley (D): 5,276 – 31 %

Attorney General

Russell Coleman (R): 10,874 – 65 %

Pamela Stevenson (D): 5,896 – 35 %

Auditor of Public Accounts

Allison Ball (R): 11,515 – 69 %

Kimberly “Kim” Reeder (D): 5,196 – 31 %

State Treasurer

Mark H. Metcalf (R): 10,773 – 65 %

Michael Bowman (D): 5,840 – 35 %

Commissioner of Agriculture

Jonathan Shell (R): 11.008 – 65 %

Sierra J. Enlow (D): 5,549 – 33 %