Commission hears Fall Festival updates, approves tax rates

Published 4:00 pm Tuesday, September 5, 2023

The Nicholasville City Commission heard an update on the upcoming Jessamine County Fall Festival and approved several ordinances, including a pair setting tax rates, during its most recent meeting on Aug. 28.

One of the Fall Festival’s organizers, Ann Nipp, solidified festival details with the Commission at the meeting: this year, the festival will be held at  City County Park to “appease downtown business owners” and to manage safety at the event better.

Last year, Nipp said she discussed rotating the benefiting local organizations. Because of that, this year’s festival proceeds will go towards the Jessamine County Homeless Coalition and the Jessamine Food Pantry.

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As approved by the Commission, the festival will have free entry, but a purchased wristband is required to ride any of the attractions.

The fall festival will be held Wednesday, Oct. 18, through Saturday, Oct. 21. Residents can only enjoy the regular carnival outfit used at the Jessamine County Fair on Wednesday and Thursday. More fun fall festivities will occur on Friday and Saturday.

The festival parade will be held on Saturday, Oct. 21, starting at Walgreens on Main Street in Nicholasville and ending at West Maple Street.

Tax ordinances

The Commission approved ordinances setting the city’s tax rates for the coming year.

Ordinance 126-2023 established the city’s tax rate for personal property.

The ordinance reads: “An ordinance establishing tax rates for the City of Nicholasville for the year 2023 for real and personal property, the base amount of said taxes being due on or before Nov. 30, 2023 with a 10% penalty added Dec. 1, 2023, and with interest of 1% per month beginning Feb. 1, 2024 and for payments received on or after Apr. 1, 2024, and for payments received after Apr. 1, 2024, an additional penalty equal on or after Apr. 1, 2024, an additional penalty equal to the greater of $75.00 or 25% of the then-outstanding amount (including the 10% penalty and any accrued interest) shall be collected.

The personal and real property tax rates are 18.6 cents per every $100 valuation.

According to Mayor Alex Carter, the city’s tax rates have remained unchanged for 12 years.

Ordinance 127-2023 set the property tax rates for motor vehicles and watercrafts. The rate remains unchanged and will be 19.7 cents per every $100 valuation.

Other ordinances

The Commission passed two other ordinances during the meeting.

Ordinance 124-2023 established a decree to annex .80 acres of property located at 200 Moore Drive in Nicholasville.

Ordinance 125-2023 amended the Nicholasville Code of Ordinances’s eighth chapter and third article. The ordinance amends the section dealing with access to firefighting equipment, and personnel, and new construction.

According to the city attorney Darren Sammons, one provision has been struck from this ordinance.

“After consultation with planning and zoning and the fire marshall, it was decided to strike that one provision; otherwise everything in the ordinance is exactly as it was initially,” Sammons said.

Employee items

The Commission approved several items for city employees.

Tannis Prewitt in administration was approved for a rate increase of $1 an hour for his completion of the certification of utility management professional with the utility management institute of Kentucky Rural Water Association.

Steve Williams in planning and zoning was approved for unpaid leave from Oct. 2-6.

David Tannis in the fire department was approved for unpaid leave from Sept. 3-9.

Other news

The Commission approved a request to award a bid to Innovative Demo Services for the demolition of 105 Leah Court in Nicholasville.

Commissioner Bethany Brown was thrilled by this news.

“It is the biggest eyesore on the planet and has been for at least ten years. This is very welcome, and I will make the motion,” Brown said.