Nicholasville resident celebrates 20th anniversary at Bluegrass Regional Foot & Ankle Associates

Published 4:38 pm Monday, April 3, 2023

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By Eden Slone

Intern Reporter

Nicholasville resident Candy Glass is celebrating her 20th year of work at Bluegrass Regional Foot & Ankle Associates (BRFAA).

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As a part of this milestone, Glass recently reflected on her work experiences and memories during an interview with the Journal.

Glass has worked in podiatry since 1985 and at BRFAA since 2003.

Before working at BRFAA, Glass graduated high school and started working in the fast food industry before getting a job working with medical records at the University of Kentucky.
A friend that Glass went to church with suggested she may enjoy working in a local podiatry office. Glass took her friend up on the offer and spent 13 years there before moving to her current position.

“When I started at BRFAA, I worked part-time, catching up on billing and entering payments,” Glass said. “Through the years, I have worked the front desk, answered the phone, checked patients in and out, done x-rays, and also helped in the rooms. I think I have touched a little bit of everything in the office.”

In the last 20 years, Glass has seen significant changes in her day-to-day routine thanks to ever-evolving technologies.

“With computers, everything is advancing. Everything is getting easier. Everything is electronic. We used to do everything on paper. We don’t anymore,” Glass said. Our providers also do a great job of making sure we have the latest and best equipment.”

While technology may constantly be changing, one thing remains the same: the patients.

“One thing that stays the same is the sweet patients we have. I have seen so many people in 20 years. I love the patients to pieces,” Glass said.

And the patients love her.

“If my door is shut in the office, I will have patients knock on the door and peek their heads in to say hi. Most of them want a hug, and I’m a big hugger, so I hug them all,” Glass said.

Glass’ warm disposition has made her a great face for patients and a great person to work with.

“Candy has a gift of hospitality, and over the last 20 years, has shared this gift with her fellow team members and our patients. She is quick with a kind word, a thoughtful gesture or witty joke,” Danny Alberston, one of her employers, said.

Debra McVey, BRFAA manager, also spoke to Glass’ character.

“Candy is one of a kind. She sets the bar on kindness and never meets a stranger. She is always willing to lend a helping hand,” McVey said.

McVey also said that Glass never calls in to work.

“I have never called in to work in 20 years. Since 1985, I have called in a day and a half. My dad was an army drill sergeant and he instilled hard work in us,” Glass said.

She has always been closely connected to her family, all of whom live in Nicholasville.

“All my family is from Nicholasville: aunts, uncles, cousins, everyone is here,” Glass said.

Having such strong roots in Jessamine County has allowed Glass to fully embrace what it means to be a community member, including being involved in community programs and events.

Within BRFAA, Glass said that she loved participating in health community fairs over the years that allowed her to meet people off-site and help promote better foot health. Beyond the workplace,

Glass has her hobbies and interests, one of her favorites being clog dancing.
“I met a local instructor who encouraged me to take a class. Years later and I’m still doing it,” Glass said that she really enjoys going to local events with her clogging group and being able to dance together.

Glass has been married for 40 years, with one daughter and one grandson. As she nears closer to potential retirement, Glass said she would like to be able to spend more time with her grandson.

While Glass does say she can potentially see herself retiring in five years, she knows that no matter how many years it is, she will be proud to finish her career at BRFAA.

“I am working to get my 25 [years] in. It’s a great place to work with great staff. They are Johnny-on-the-spot to do whatever I need to make my job better. It’s really a combination of everything that makes it so great,” Glass said.