Athlete Spotlight: Daniel Waters

Published 12:41 pm Thursday, February 23, 2023

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By Eden Slone

Intern Reporter

Daniel Waters is a 19-year-old senior basketball star at West Jessamine High School. As the basketball season heads into post-season tournament excitement, Waters recently touched on everything from post-season expectations to his favorite Jessamine county Mexican restaurant in an interview with the Journal.

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JJ: When did you start playing basketball?

Waters: Since I could walk. I was probably 3.

JJ: What do you enjoy about playing basketball and what has made you continue to want to play for so many years?

Waters: I love being on the team and having moments that no one else gets to share. Like winning championships, not many people get to do that.

JJ: How many years have you played for West Jessamine?

Waters: I’m a senior, but this is my fifth year because of my extra year of eligibility from COVID.

JJ: What made you want to stay and play an extra year at West?

Waters: Winning region and not getting to participate at state made me want to come back. I knew some of my friends were coming back also, and I thought we could all come back and play again. We knew we’d have a shot to come back and win it.

JJ: What was it like winning West Jessamine’s most recent championship?

Waters: It was the best feeling. We had all the windows down, had the music going, we even had coach dancing.

JJ: You are currently one of West Jessamine’s all-time top scorers. How many points do you now have?

Waters: I have over 1600 points. Depending on how far we go in the tournament, I may potentially finish as West Jessamine’s third all-time scorer.

JJ: Future plans? Are you going to play basketball in college?

Waters: I am not sure if I will play basketball in college yet, but I am really focused on my career path of becoming a nurse.

JJ: What are other things outside of basketball you enjoy doing?

Waters: Being around my family. I also really enjoy my pathway at school, which is a biomedical pathway that is helping prepare me for my future career.

JJ: As a student-athlete, do you consider yourself a leader here at West Jessamine and in your community?

Waters: I think I would, yeah.

JJ: How has that impacted the way you carry yourself as a leader?

Waters: It just makes me want to help people and help each other.

JJ: Favorite movie?

Waters: “Uncle Drew” with Kyrie Irving.

JJ: Favorite color?

Waters: Red. I wear red all the time.

JJ: Favorite food?

Waters: Mexican

JJ: Best Mexican restaurant in Jessamine County?

Waters: Fiesta.

JJ: How do you feel about the upcoming big games ahead?

Waters: We just need to play our best, and all come together.

JJ: You just recently had Senior Night. What was that like?

Waters: I was a little nervous. It was my first time doing something like that and my last time playing at West. Bittersweet.