KSP alerts about Geek Squad scam

Published 11:10 am Wednesday, February 22, 2023

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Kentucky State Police at the Campbellsburg Post are warning the public of an email scam involving their computer after they were contacted by a concerned citizen regarding an attempt to gain access to their bank account information.

According to the KSP, the resident received an email from someone stating they were with the Best Buy-Geek Squad and that the person was being charged $349.99 for a maintenance plan. When contacting the number provided in the email, the scammer advised that they would issue a refund and an additional $50 for the inconvenience, all while gaining access to the citizen’s bank account. The scammer then makes an error on the refund and requests you go to your bank to complete a wire transfer.

Fortunately for this person, no money was removed from their bank account, and a bank teller was able to close that account.

The Kentucky State Police would like to remind everyone to never share their Social Security Number or other personal information online or by phone.

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To help as a guide, below are the “Top 10 Tip-offs to a Rip-off”:

1.) High-pressure sales or frequent calls are signs that it’s a scam.

2.) If the caller demands an immediate decision, it’s likely a rip-off.

3.) People requesting a credit or debit card or any banking account information.

4.) If the caller offers to send someone to your home or to overnight something.

5.) Something for free is usually a reason to be suspicious.

6.) Unresponsive to questions or too quick to answer by cutting you off.

7.) An investment without a risk.

8.) Will not provide written information or references.

9.) Not registered with the Attorney General’s Office.

10.) If it sounds too good to be true, it often is.

Should anyone receive these emails or if they have questions or concerns, they are encouraged to contact the Kentucky Office of the Attorney General by phone at 502-696-5300, or fill out a complaint form online at ag.ky.gov/scams.  They may also contact the nearest KSP post or their local police department.