Beshear awards over $3 million to aid Jessamine County

Published 1:59 pm Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Governor Andy Beshear visited the Jessamine County Courthouse last Friday to present multiple checks to invest in water and sewer system quality, tourism and local nonprofits in Jessamine County, Nicholasville, and Wilmore.

“Today, we are celebrating more than $3.4 million [awarded] to this county,” Beshear said.

Multiple sources awarded these funds- the American Rescue Plan Act, Team Kentucky’s Nonprofit Assistance Fund and Better Kentucky’s Cleaner Water Program.

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A substantial amount of the funds will go toward bringing the area cleaner water.

“Every family deserves to know that when they turn on the faucet, they’re going to be able to give their kids clean water,” Beshear said

The city of Wilmore received $321,892 to support clean water in the town.

“The money committed today will improve Wilmore’s water infrastructure for years to come,” said Mayor Harold Rainwater. “This project is much needed, and we’re grateful to the legislature and Gov. Beshear for allocating this funding.”

The city of Nicholasville received $ 1,931,353 to help construct a new water main from the treatment plant.

“Today was a great day for Nicholasville as we celebrated funding that will uplift our entire community,” said Mayor Alex Carter. “We are investing in our water infrastructure, inviting more people to see our city, and bolstering our incredible nonprofits. We look forward to more good days here in Nicholasville.”

Jessamine County received $482,838 for improved water pressure for residents and updates to an existing water main.

“The Cleaner Water funds will be used to supplement three areas of concern in our District,” said Carl Waits, chairman of Jessamine County Water District No. 1. “All the project areas have undersized lines that are over 50 years old. Replacing aging infrastructure, addressing growth and placing fire hydrants in our rural neighborhoods has been a priority of the district. These funds are greatly appreciated and will help a small water district like ours keep their rates down.”

Jessamine South Elkhorn Water District received $321,892 to replace aging infrastructure.

“Whether it’s a public utility, a public service, a private organization, we’ve all got to continue to do work to make the world a better place and to do good,” said Judge-Executive David West, celebrating the funding coming to the county and its nearby local governments.

The Nicholasville, Wilmore, Jessamine County Joint Tourism Commission, received $139,301 to support its tourism marketing efforts.

“The Nicholasville, Wilmore – Jessamine County Joint Tourism Commission is extremely excited to use this funding for the betterment and revitalization of tourism in Jessamine County as a whole. The negative impact of COVID on our county will be seen for years. However, tourism in Jessamine County is starting to rebound, and this funding will allow us to accomplish projects to help drive tourism to Jessamine County,” said Charla Reed, executive director of the Nicholasville, Wilmore – Jessamine County Joint Tourism Commission.

Multiple nonprofits received one-time direct relief payments totaling $593,343.88.

This lump sum will be split between the following recipients: The Council on Licensure, Enforcement, and Regulation, The Saint Joseph Health System, Inc, The Methodist Home, Kentucky Equine Humane Adoption Center, Rhineheimer Barn Manager, Hope’s Embrace, GO InterNational, Inc, Confrontation Point Ministries, Jessamine County Homeless Coalition, Inc., and Brookside Baptist Church.