Hear from the candidates: mayor of Nicholasville and Wilmore

Published 4:55 pm Monday, October 31, 2022

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The General Election is scheduled for Nov. 8, and in an effort to help inform the public, the Sun sent out a questionnaire designed to help the public know more about each candidate. Every reasonable attempt was made to reach all candidates. Every candidate who responded will be included online and in print. The answers have been edited for spelling and punctuation only.

Each candidate was sent the following questions in the same order:

1. Would you tell us about your background, please?

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2. Why are you the best candidate for this office?

3. What do you think is the most pressing issue affecting us in this election cycle?

4. How would you address this issue in your elected office?

Mayor of Nicholasville

Alex Carter

1. Nicholasville small business owner working as a local Real Estate Appraiser. Graduate of Jessamine County Public Schools. University of Kentucky, Gatton College of Business & Economics Bachelor’s Degree, Major in Finance & Economics.

2. As Mayor, I will be committed to making a difference for the citizens of Nicholasville.  I will always be accessible; leading with integrity and transparency are the first orders of business. City government should engage with the community and be an advocate for the best interests of Nicholasville on local and state levels. Working together to accomplish goals that will benefit our community’s future will be my commitment to the citizens of Nicholasville. Nicholasville is a great place to live, work, and raise a family. It is a privilege to work on behalf of the Nicholasville citizens.

3. The increasing constraints on public safety and city services will be vital for city planning and budgeting. As your Mayor, I will continue to prioritize infrastructure, public safety, economic development, revitalizing downtown, public parks, and expand recreational facilities/activities.

4. As your Mayor, we will create a solid foundation for a strong future with being stewards of public dollars and operating in a fiscally conservative manner. The Nicholasville City Commission assesses the city’s overall financial well-being and proactively seeks opportunities for economic growth and provide public services. Nicholasville must plan for what the future holds and make sound financial decisions today that will affect our ability to operate in the future. Nicholasville has been successful in creating opportunities and providing public services to our citizens without raising taxes.

Mayor of Wilmore

Harold Rainwater

1. I’m a 5th generation Wilmore resident, raised in Wilmore schools, Jessamine Co. High, Asbury College and EKU grad. I have been in public service my entire life as a Wilmore fireman, summer recreation director, city council and mayor. I’m the best candidate due to my shared vision and experienced leadership. I love Wilmore, it’s deep history and safe community standards. We are one of the safest cities in Wilmore due to our police, fire, public services. I was selected as Kentucky’s first-ever “City Official of the Year” in 2009. I was selected as central and eastern Ky.’s Best Mayor in 2022. I will continue to work to earn the public’s trust.

2. Most pressing issue is increasing cost to city to serve our public. Cutting any cost possible and increasing enterprise revenues without raising taxes.

3. I will seek more efficient fuel using in cars, trucks, and equipment. Not add more employees.

4.I will seek more efficient fuel using in cars, trucks, and equipment. Not add more employees. Pay in cash or early to not have interest and reduce any charges. Work to have new growth pay for growth. Most important to create new jobs in city  – both private and institutional. A new job is a new job!!!

Hal Snowden

1. I was born, raised, and educated in Lexington, Ky. I moved to Wilmore in 1983 after purchasing a 175-acre farm. I opened a Thoroughbred Horse Farm in January 1984 and continue to operate it under the name of Roseglade Farm. I live on the farm and am proud to call Wilmore my home.

2. I am the only mayoral candidate without a conflict of interest. Mayor Rainwater is employed by Asbury University, and he, being Mayor, creates a conflict as to who he is serving first…the university or the citizens of Wilmore? I am the candidate who is not beholding to Asbury, the seminary, or anyone. My decisions will always be in the best interest of the citizens of Wilmore first.

3. The economy, without a doubt, has had an effect on everyone.

4. As a mayor, it is important that we can provide the basic essentials for families at a fair and reasonable price. I will support and promote shopping in Wilmore for our business community. It is imperative that our businesses are profitable.