Recovery center celebrates first anniversary

Published 1:39 pm Tuesday, December 7, 2021

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It’s been more than a year since BrightView, a substance abuse disorder treatment center, opened its doors in Nicholasville.

The center celebrated its first anniversary Wednesday, Dec. 1.

Since opening, the center has seen 394 patients throughout the course of 1,350 hours in the facility alone. Meanwhile, BrightView’s staff has accrued 3,249 hours providing clinical therapy for patients.

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Overdose-related death increased 30.8 percent in the US by March of this year, according to the CDC. In that same time frame, the overdose-related death rate in Kentucky rose 57.1 percent. Jessamine, according to the county’s own health department, faced an average of 63.99 overdoses per 100,000 in 2020 – 34 of which resulted in death.

“We offer treatment for all substances, including alcohol,” said Nicole Stinson, the community outreach manager for BrightView’s Nicholasville location. “When a patient comes into our facility, they’re going to see a medical provider on the first day. They’re going to see a counselor, and they’re going to see a targeted case manager.”

BrightView helps visitors work through long-term recovery with outpatient medication-assisted treatment (MAT); medical stabilization for opioids, alcohol and other drugs; individual and group counseling; case management; peer recovery support; licensed-provider medical assessments; telehealth; same day and next day scheduling; and walk-ins every day until 3 p.m.

BrightView also hosts and takes part in numerous community events to raise awareness and reduce stigma regarding substance use disorder. In June of this year, the facility took part in a recovery celebration event in collaboration with the Jessamine County Health Department featuring live music, food and vendors. On Oct. 29, BrightView held a community Trunk or Treat event at their location on 506 N. Main Street.

“Addiction is nondiscriminatory,” Stinson said. “It doesn’t pick out a particular demographic. It doesn’t pick out anything. It’s everywhere and it can affect anyone.”

BrightView has a 24/7 access line at 1(833) 510-HELP (4357). For more information, visit their website at