Donald Douglas winner of District 22 Special Election

Published 7:50 am Wednesday, November 3, 2021

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Dr. Donald Douglas (R) may be finishing the late Tom Buford’s term on Kentucky’s Senate District 22.

District-wide, it’s reported that Douglas beat Helen Bukulmez (D) by around 6,000 votes. The Jessamine County Clerk’s Office reports that Douglas received a majority vote from within the county, accruing 4,861 votes.

Helen Bukulmez (D) received a total of 1,621 Jessamine votes, with Sindicat Dunn (write-in independent) receiving 21 county votes. In total, 6,503 votes were counted for the Jessamine County area.

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Within those totals, 162 voters voted absentee – 107 for Douglas and 55 for Bukulmez. A total of 669 voted early, with 489 going to Douglas, 178 to Bukulmez, and 2 towards Dunn. On the day of the election, 5,672 came out to vote. Douglas received 4,265 votes, Bukulmez 1,388, and Dunn 19.

The Republican Party of Kentucky released this statement:

“Congratulations to State Senator-elect Dr. Donald Douglas on his victory tonight. Dr. Douglas ran a great campaign and worked hard to beat back the negative campaign waged by the Democrats’ hand-picked candidate. Dr. Douglas will carry on the legacy of service set by the late Senator Tom Buford. As a tested and proven physician who has dedicated his career to serving patients and families, Dr. Douglas will be a strong conservative voice for his constituents in Frankfort, where he will work to grow the economy by creating more jobs and opportunity, protect gun rights and the sanctity of life.” – Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Mac Brown.

District 22 also encompasses the counties of Mercer, Garrard, Washington and part of Fayette. The results for these counties is as follows:

Mercer reported a total of 2,570 votes. Douglas received 1,827 votes, Bukulmez 628, and Dunn 115. Of absentee voters, 23 voted for Douglas, 30 for Bukulmez and 3 for Dunn. Early voting saw 326 for Douglas, 105 for Bukulmez, and 18 for Dunn.

Garrard reported a total of 1,864 votes. Douglas received 1,446 votes, Bukulmez 408, and Dunn 10. Of absentee voters, 3 voted for Douglas and 7 for Bukulmez. Early voting saw 223 for Douglas, 55 for Bukulmez, and 1 for Dunn.

Washington reported a total of 1,539 votes. Douglas received 1,090 votes, Bukulmez 448, and Dunn 1. Of absentee voters, 10 voted for Douglas and 25 for Bukulmez. Early voting saw 311 for Douglas, 187 for Bukulmez, and 1 for Dunn.

Fayette reported a total of 1,132 votes. Douglas received 509 votes, Bukulmez 620, and Dunn 3. Of absentee voters, 19 voted for Douglas and 22 for Bukulmez. Early voting saw 2 for Douglas and 7 for Bukulmez.

The election results will be certified Tuesday, Nov. 16.