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Published 7:00 am Saturday, October 9, 2021

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Dear Readers: I have received a number of great suggestions after we ran a hint in my column about dryer safety. Here’s another one:
Dear Heloise: Regarding using the dryer when no one’s home or you’re asleep. When I might wash a load late at night, I will hang my clothes overnight, outside or inside my house, using my dining chairs or whatever is available at the time. I pretty much hang almost everything. The dryer will fluff for me and take out wrinkles when needed. We need to go back to taking advantage of our free sun, also inside air. — Gloria, Bakersfield, California
Dear Heloise: I wanted to send a response to Luanne Gehrig, whose husband passed and her friends quit calling after a few days. Like Luanne, I lost my husband about 18 months ago. I received several sympathy cards, which I appreciated, and a couple of neighbors sent over a deli plate. After a week, people pretty much quit calling, emailing or texting. It was like I was supposed to be “over” my husband being gone after being married for 35 years. It hurt.
Please, friends and family of someone who has lost their loved one … give them a call, offer to come by and help with dishes, dusting, sorting, etc. Offer to take the person to lunch, or bring lunch to them. I wish I had had support. I guess basically my suggestion to everyone would be this: Reach out, offer help, and just because a person says they don’t need anything right then, it doesn’t mean they would not welcome a phone call or a hand-written note. — A Widow in Missouri
Dear Readers: This is an important reminder to help our neighbors and friends who have lost a family member, and to stay in touch when people need it the most. — Heloise
Dear Readers: This is a dirty task that none of us like to do, yet it must be done. Use vinegar, an inexpensive household staple, to get the job done well. Spray full-strength white vinegar on the glass and allow it to remain for a while to do its job. Then scrub with nylon net or a plastic scrubby to remove anything that still might be on the window. If the windows are really dirty or have heavy deposits on them, you might have to repeat this process. After you get the windows clean, buff the windows with cloth or paper towels.
Vinegar is an essential item with many uses around the home, including cleaning, deodorizing and cooking. So I put together a six-page pamphlet full of vinegar uses that you can have by visiting www.Heloise.com. Or send $5 and a long, self-addressed, stamped (75 cents) envelope to: Heloise/Vinegar, P.O. Box 795001, San Antonio, TX 78279-5001. FYI: To help keep paintbrushes soft and supple, soak in vinegar and water for several hours. — Heloise
Dear Heloise: I wanted to add some great advice to your article in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune regarding a stolen purse or credit card. Everyone should make a photocopy, front and back, of everything in their wallet/purse and place it in a safe place. That way, if the wallet/purse is stolen or lost, you have all of the information in one place at your fingertips. It only takes a couple of minutes to do and could save you lots of time. — Peggy Neiman, via email
Peggy, it’s important to safeguard all your credit cards and personal information. Make a master list that you keep online, or store copies in a secure place at home. If you have an emergency, you can then access this information right away. — Heloise
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