LETTER: Where is the law today?

Published 10:25 am Thursday, December 3, 2020

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Where in the world is the law these days?

When I was young, the law would not let us get away with driving fast or with these loud mufflers that they have today.

People drive up and down Main Street 50 MPH, and this is not right.

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Don’t people have respect for what is right and what is wrong anymore?

And running red lights is a pass time, anymore.

Guys, I am sorry but having loud mufflers on a vehicles does not make them go any faster. If anything, it may slow them down a little.

Try a F-104 Fighter Jet. They are a lot louder and a heck of a lot faster. Sweet music to a person’s ears with a top speed of 690-plus MPH. And you get to fly up there where the Deities are.

Victor Privett,