LETTER: Current Nicholasville commissioners have put city in ugly situation

Published 11:23 am Thursday, October 29, 2020

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Here’s the ugly situation our Nicholasville city commissioners have put us in. With no one paying attention and during a pandemic economy, they put taxpayers on the hook for $40.6 million. That is $1,200 for each man, woman and child in the city. More borrowing with higher taxes and higher fees are coming soon as inaccurate project estimates rise.

The police headquarters is $1 million over the original estimate.

The sewer treatment plant permit has been expired for almost six years. Raw sewage spews in 160 areas around Nicholasville and into neighboring yards unknowingly. It pollutes once pristine Jessamine Creek.

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Thousands of residents brought major issues to city commission meetings. Over 15 months, they spoke zero words in response. Planning and zoning listened and recommended against bad growth in two separate hearings. In an 18-second vote, the commissioners ignored everyone. It resulted in resignations of respected citizens.

As a direct result, taxpayer money is now wasted on expensive legal costs, a lawsuit and to mitigate the EPA stepping in due to major violations. The city is in fix-it mode with a price tag of mega-millions.

You are encouraged not to vote for current Commissioners Carter, Black or Teater.

Jim Kaiser,