LETTER: More concerns about the slip lane at the Y

Published 10:07 am Wednesday, September 16, 2020

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I have expressed some concerns to the safety of the slip lane planned for the “Y.”

The safety to vehicle traffic is only half the story.

The other big concern is the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists. This has not been addressed at all in public.

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Presently, the “shared use path” heading south along U.S. 68, has come as far as the front of R.J. Corman farm.

The City of Wilmore has had an easement along 29, the frontage of Roseglade Farm to allow the path on in toward Wilmore. This is the wide area along 29 that has been very well maintained by mowing it like a front yard and picking up the trash. I assume it is at the City of Wilmore taxpayers’ expense.

To get to this future path, pedestrians/bicyclists must cross the slip lane, which we know does not stop.

I asked the highway engineers about installing a traffic light that could be activated by a pedestrian/bicyclist to allow them to cross safely. His reply was “There will be no lights.”

I noticed in the article a Ms. Lacy responded for the Highway Department instead of the engineers.

Contrary to her statement, the highway plans consistently use the words “slip lane.”

In addition, there is the statement that the lane will be “approximately 650 feet.” That distance is the point in which a vehicle heading north starts to leave 29 on towards the point it has completely merged into U.S. 68.

The actual length of the slip lane, not including the merging portion, is approximately 300 feet. The stopping distance of a vehicle traveling at 55 MPH under ideal road conditions is also 300 feet, much greater for semi trucks.

For those that question the safety of a slip lane, do a little research. All articles state you are “sacrificing safety for speed.”

Speed is the last thing needed on KY 29, as well as at this intersection.

I know my objection seems to appear at the last minute. However, over the past year, I, along with others have met with Mayor Harold Rainwater, County Judge-Executive David West and Congressman Andy Barr’s aide many times, which included our attorney, highway attorneys and engineers.

In addition, there are letters to State Transportation Secretary Jim Gray and Gov. Andy Beasher. All showed no interest.

Bill Ashbrook