LETTER: Statue stands for slavery and should be removed

Published 10:44 am Wednesday, September 9, 2020

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I wouldn’t believe a word the Republicans has to say. It has been this way since Ronald Reagan, and they have the grand daddy of all liars in the White House.

Today’s Republicans are all about being manipulative with Mitch McConnell, Andy Barr, Rand Paul and Donald Trump leading them by the nose.

The problem with today’s Republicans is they are “scared to death” of becoming part of the “mixed race.”

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Once again, the south lost the war. They and the Republicans should not be allowed to have a rebel soldier standing in the courtyard who supported slavery.

Slavery is wrong — period. We should not be proud of being part of slavery, nor should  we have  something in the courtyard  to remind us or to make us proud of this evil doing.

It should  never have  been allow to be put up to begin  with.

We have to be better than the people who put this up 124 years ago.

The White Nationalists have taken over the Republican Party, and they are all about stretching the truth, racist, bigotry, divisiveness, hatefulness and white supremacist ideologies.

Today’s Republicans just cannot be “team players.”

Victor Privett,