HOLLAND: Prayers and appreciation for all first responders

Published 10:00 am Friday, July 17, 2020

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Someone mentioned the other day that after pouring out some heated frustrations on one of their Facebook sessions, they had a headache and were terribly depressed.

For those who read this column regularly, you know I do not talk a lot about politics or social issues. I just feel we already have all the arguments and opinions we need, and besides, I’m more into sharing about how God so loved the world that he gave his only son so that whoever would believe in him would not perish but have everlasting life.

In the New Testament, we do not see the Lord arguing and fighting with all who opposed his teachings or spending his time trying to protest against the government.

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Jesus was more concerned with saying and doing what his Father was telling him to do.

Yes, he was surrounded with controversy, but he was also in constant communication with the one who sent him.

His life brought glory to God because he did not allow his emotions to control him.

Is this not the same attitude of obedience that is also expected of his followers today?

I believe the Bible teaches that God has designed a specific spiritual blueprint for all of us.

This unique destiny is centered around listening carefully to his voice, submitting our will and doing what he says.

Can you imagine a world where everyone listens to God?

I avoid wrestling with subjects that are like quicksand when it comes to dissention and strife. It’s not that I’m lacking my own opinions. I have my thoughts and ideas just like everyone else.

I just want to stay positive and bring thought-provoking content to those who need the Lord to bless them with some hope and peace.

I’m sure we can all agree there is a lot of bad news going on right now, and we could use a word of encouragement every now and then.

As chaplain of our county fire district and a veterans health care facility, I’m around men and women who are proud of their country and have personally made a lot of sacrifices, and many are still actively serving the community.

I also have several family members who have served in the military, and are currently associated with law enforcement.

I’m proud of all of them and believe first responders, and school teachers for that matter, should be respected and paid more because of the amazing protection they provide.

Athletes can throw a ball around and make more money in one day than these individuals who are dedicated to making a real difference in the world can earn in a year.

Since I’m on the subject of obeying God’s voice, there comes a time when we need to step forward and support what is right.

Yes, Christians are known to be passive and attempt to avoid conflict, but we are now seeing the world taking advantage of this.

I normally would not discuss topics that are controversial, but I am choosing to speak out against the immature and ridiculous idea of abolishing and defunding the police.

I remember the company I used to work for would punish every employee when one person would do something wrong.

Sure, there are bad apples and exceptions in every profession, but stereotyping all police officers or all first responders as being corrupt is a horrible example of bigotry.

When I hear anyone suggesting we should defund law enforcement, I immediately think this is something that a 15-year-old juvenile delinquent would say. Can’t you hear them now, “I wish they would do away with the police so that I can steal and hurt people and get away with it.”

You know, if we stop and seriously think for a minute, the criminals and those who are rebellious against authority are the only ones who would not appreciate the police.

If a citizen abides by the law and does what is right, they should not  have to worry about having problems with the legal system.

Every decent person counts it a blessing to know they can call an officer or emergecy personel if they need them. Thank God they are there.

We could never give our law enforcement and first responders enough love, honor, support and prayers as they are constantly risking their lives to help others.

I pray we will never live in a society without them.

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