LETTER: Congressional term limits need to be applied

Published 10:49 am Friday, February 21, 2020

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I think I can speak for most taxpayers and voters in saying that one of the most significant obstacles to “government for and by the people,” is the engrained D.C. politician that is focused only on his or her reelection and making sure that the big money lobbyists are eager to pad the re-election coffers.

Are all politicians, guilty of being so tone-deaf toward the people who elect them? Of course not, but one only need to watch a congressional hearing or listen to one of their press conferences to see that politics is what really matters and that power is all that most of them seek.

The “will of the people” is a distant concern, if a concern at all.

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But all is not forever lost. The answer is congressional term limits.

I invite you to view the testimony on the need for congressional term limits by Tom Boulides, executive director of US Term Limits, www.termlimits.com, before an nearly-empty Senate hearing. Yes, getting term limits imposed on those who have every reason to resist them is an uphill battle, but it can be done. Only “we the people” can make it happen.

A grass-roots effort is gaining steam, and every taxpayer and voter who cares about the sad state of affairs in D.C. should take the time to find out how they can help promote/support this effort.

Rick Music