Restaurant inspections for Jan. 2, 2020

Published 2:12 pm Thursday, January 2, 2020

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The following restaurants were inspected by the Jessamine County Health Department.

— Asbury University Concession Stand, Nov. 25, score 99. Notes: Broom should be hung up when not in uses. Put hook on wall. Recommend storing un-popped popcorn kernels in a container with lid.

— Papa Johns, Nov. 22., score 97. Notes: Wall by hand sink and dish washing sink in need of cleaning. Can opener blade unclean. Shelves by three-compartment sink in poor condition. Dumpster has no lid.

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— Academy of Great Beginnings, Nov. 22, score 95. Notes: Sink leaking, frozen biscuits stored in non-food grade bags. Refrigerator temperature above 41 degrees.

— Jimmy Johns, Nov. 21, score 97. Notes: Dumpster doors open. Gap under back door. Door sweep needed. No light bulb in big refrigerator.

— Chery Allstar, Nov. 19, score 100. Notes: No violations found.

— Daily Donuts, Nov. 19, score 99. Notes: Wiping cloths not stored in bleach water.

— Dixie Café, Nov. 20, score 99. Notes: Food stored on floor in cooler and storage area.

— Champion Trace, Nov. 20, score 92, 97 on spot follow up. Notes: Thermometers not in cooler. Temperature logs recommended. Cooler with drawers at 50 degrees. Food removed and stored in another cooler. Cleaning bottles unlabeled. Ice scoop improperly stored. Walls and ceilings damaged around corners and downstairs.

— Walgreens, Nov. 13, score 99. Notes: Debris and glass under shelves in cooler.

— Jessamine County Homeless Shelter, Nov. 13, score 98. Notes: Single serve containers being reused to put sugar and powder in. Sugar and brown sugar containers should be labeled.

— Taco Bell, Nov. 14, score 97. Notes: Icicles building up in freezer. Floor tile missing near fryer. Water from hand sink splashing onto wrappers and box. Dust on ceiling tiles, light, vent in line area. Potato bites spilled under shelf in defiled refrigerator. Food scrapes and wrappers under equipment in line around hot water heater. Wall in need of cleaning, syrups. Ice spout on fountain drink machine in need of cleaning. Debris and trash on ground around dumpster.

— Speedway, Nov. 14, score 97. Notes: Dumpster lid open. Walls in back, poor repair. Tea container laying on hand sink.

— Speedway, North Main, Oct. 30, score 96. Notes: Expiration dates on prepackaged foods up to one-month. Dumpster full and open lid. Walls in back in poor repair. Tea containers drying on hand sink.

— Bellacinos, Nov. 15, score 90. Notes: Paper towels missing my hand sink. Wiping cloths not stored in sanitizer. Non-food grade plastic containers. Dumpster area dirty.

— Dollar General, Nov. 13, score 95. Notes: Multiple food products on floor. Thermometers needed. Single serve articles on floor. Trash on floor. Broken restroom door and restrooms unclean.

— West Jessamine Middle School, Nov. 4, score 98. Notes: Plastic ice scoop cracked. Concrete wall and paint not in good condition by dishwasher. Dusty ceiling vents and tiles.

— Asbury Coffee, Nov. 6, score 99. Notes: Proper hair restraints needed for all food handlers.

— Penn Station, Oct. 16, score 93. Notes: Can of raid on shelf over food and cups. Large amount of trash and garbage on ground at dumpster. Door handles, equipment and containers in need of cleaning. Keep wiping towels in sanitizer when not in use. Label foods not in original containers. Visible thermometers in all units. Nov. 6, score 98. Notes: Proper hair restraints needed. Label all foods not in original containers.

— Tie Aid, Walgreens, Oct. 8, score 98. Notes: Leak at faucet of mop sink. Brooms should be hung when not in use.

— Warner Elementary School, Nov. 8, score 99. Notes: Paint peeling and caulk/sealer coming off the wall at the edge of the dishwashing machine.

— Asbury Theological Seminary. Nov. 6, score 97. Notes: Cooler/door handles not clean. Wall flaking paint. Dish room wall moldy. Plates steaming but temperature gage not working.