Restaurant Inspections

Published 9:04 am Wednesday, November 27, 2019

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The following restaurants were inspected by the Jessamine County Health Department:

— Nicholasville Pit Stop, 1000 S. Main St., 93 on Sept. 11. Notes: Restroom, covered can and self-closing door. Paper products on floor in storage. Thermostat, all units and meat thermostat for hot holding 140 degrees. Eight or more allergy meds expired. Mop sink not working and not clean. Dumpster overflowing. No test papers for sanitizer. Follow up on Oct. 2. Score 99. Notes: Nine Motrin packs outdated. Six plus old tires on south side of lot, must remove. Note, all cups to be in cup with lid and straw. No open bottles, cans, cups etc. Covered cans for restroom and self-closing door and all corrections made.
— Double Kwik, 4000 Catnip Hill, 96 on Oct. 2. Notes: Keep dumpster doors closed. Some litter. Garbage on ground. Covered can in employee restroom and women’s public restroom. Five doors, handles, shelves, etc. not clean. Inside of reach-in coolers and floors in storage room need cleaning.
— Sonny’s BBQ, 109 N. Plaza, 97 on Oct. 2. Notes: Floors in back room need cleaning. Foil shelf liners. Remove and use clean shelf. Doors, handles, shelves, white floor fan in need of cleaning.
— Jordy’s Family Restaurant, 1001 Elizabeth, 93 on Oct. 2. Notes: All foods must be labeled and in original containers with “use by date” in addition to “made by date.” No test papers for bleach. Covered canisters for women’s restroom. Restroom not clean. No meat thermometer. Keep lid closed on grease container. Clean up debris, old mattress etc. at dumpster. Doors, shelves, handles etc. not clean. Remove foil shelf liner and use clean shelf. Follow up on Oct. 9. Score 100. Notes: Corrections made.
— Velvet Touch Catering, 108 Greenwood St. 99 on Oct. 9. Notes: Broom should be hung up.
— Breads & Spreads, Dodd’s Corner, 99 on Oct. 4. Notes: No “best buy” or “use by” date on pimento cheese. Phone number not legible on label made or phone app.
— Kid’s Connection, 310 Southview Drive. 100 on Oct. 8. Notes: No violations found.
— El Portrillo Mex Grill, 1073 N. Main St. 90 on Oct. 2. Notes: No paper towels at hand sink. Can of raid on top of the counter. Keep dumpster doors closed. Some litter on ground. Door handles, equipment etc. not clean. All cups to have lid and straw for employees/all kitchen employee drinks. Follow up: 97 on Oct. 9. Notes: Remove foil sheet liners. Door handles not clean. All other corrections made.
— Childcare Network, 1101 Lauderdale. 97 on Oct. 9. Notes: Improper dishwashing. No towel set at hand sink. Keep dumpster doors closed. Large amount of debris and litter on ground.
— European Delight, 221 E. Brannon Road. 96 on Oct. 9. Notes: All drinks to be in cup with lid and straw. Covered waste can for women’s restroom. Keep dumpster doors closed. 98 on spot-follow up. Drinks corrected.
— Drakes BHG, 390 E. Brannon. 100 on Oct. 9. Notes: None.
— Asuka Grill and Sushi, 360 E. Brannon. 93 on Oct. 9. Notes: Remove foil shelf liners – use clean shelf. Keep handles of scoops up out of product in bulk storage. Proper hair restraints for all food handlers. Keep thermometers visible in all units. Covered waste can for employee restroom. Keep dumpster doors closed.
— Safe Harbor, 104 Mint Lane. 97 on Oct. 14. Notes: No paper towels at hand sink. Floor in need of cleaning. Refrigerator gasket in need of cleaning. Silverware drawer in need of cleaning. Mop should be hung up over sink or mop bucket.
— Jessamine County Head Start, 1330 Drake Lane. 98 on Oct. 15. Notes: Cloth dish drying can not to be used. Dish racks for drying must be non-porous. Dumpster lid open, debris around dumpster.
— Wilmore Petro Cluckers, 404 W. Lexington. 96 on Oct. 15. Notes: Freezers need cleaning and thawing. Dumpster missing lid. Floors, walls and ceiling dirty and in poor repair. Poor lighting in kitchen.
— East Jessamine High School Field House, 875 Sulphur Well, 98 on Oct. 16. Notes: Microwave in need of cleaning. Freezer in need of cleaning. Hand sink in need of cleaning. Brooms should be hung up or turned upside down. Cobwebs around corners.
— East Jessamine High School concession stand, 875 Sulphur Well. 99 on Oct. 16. Notes: Paper towels needed at hand sink.
— East Jessamine High School cafeteria, no score written. Notes: white plastic shield inside ice machine in need of cleaning.
— Brookside Elementary Café, 199 Brookside Drive. 99 on Oct. 16. Notes: Repair dumpster doors to fit correctly. All drinks to be in cups with straws and lids.
— Kentucky Fried Chicken, 900 N. Main St. 98 on Oct. 16. Notes: Keep doors closed at dumpster. Door handles, some shelves, carts not clean.
— Rosenwald Elementary School, 98 on Oct. 16. Notes: Three shelf carts in poor repair.
— Penn Station, 112 Blueberry, 93 on Oct. 16. Notes: Can of raid on shelf over food and cups next to cooler. Large amount of trash and garbage on ground at dumpster. Door handles, equipment and counter in need of cleaning. Carts in need of cleaning. Keep wiping towels in sanitizer when not in use. Label foods not in original containers. Visible thermometers in all units.
— Save-A-Lot, 701 Edgewood. 96 on Oct. 15. Notes: Tile at floor and wall missing in meat room. Floors in back storage not clean. Under shelves not clean. Push cart in meat room rusty and not clean. Replace or repair. Door on restrooms should be self-closing.
— Revive Life House, 101 Richmond Ave. 96 on Oct. 21. Notes: Raw hamburger stored on ready to eat foods in fridge. Food being thawed on counter, must use one of four proper methods. Wiping cloths must be stored in sanitizer solution. Spills inside of refrigerators need to be wiped along with drawers near coffee.
— Nicholasville Elementary School, 414 W. Maple St. 100 on Oct. 21. Notes: None.
— Red Oak Elementary School, 921 Union Mill, 100 on Oct. 21. Notes: None.
— Wilmore Elementary School, 150 Campground, 100 on Oct. 23. Notes: None.
— The Providence School, 210 S. Lexington. 99 on Oct. 23. Notes: Napkins, utensils etc. dispensers on trash can. Not clean.
— Tompson-Hood Veteran’s Center, 100 Veterans Drive.100 on Oct. 23. Notes: None.
— Drinklings Roaster, 92 on Oct. 23. Notes: Four quarts whipping cream expired. No label on liquid in spray bottle. No sanitizer in three-compartment sink. Dumpster doors open, keep closed. Mop sink in kitchen not clean. Basement in need of cleaning and to be better organized. Repair lights that are out. Get products off floor. 100 on follow-up Oct. 30. Notes: Corrections made.
— Jessamine County Extension Office, 95 Park Drive. 100 on Oct. 28. Notes: None.
— East Jessamine Middle School, 98 on Oct. 28. Notes: Thermometer needed in milk cooler. Food in open cooler need expiration labels.
— Scott Station Inn Bed and Breakfast, 99 on Oct. 30. Notes: Covered waste cans for women’s restroom.
— Asbury University Pioneer, 1 Macklem Drive, 98 on Oct. 30. Notes: Covered cans all women’s restrooms. Door handles, coolers etc. not clean.
— Asbury University ZT Bistro, 1 Macklem Drive. 99 on Oct. 30. Notes: Door handles and coolers in need of cleaning.
— Family Market, 2260 Lexington Road. 92 on Oct. 30. Notes: Plastic cups on floor in back. Doors, shelves, etc. not clean. Shelves need paint or sealing. Not cleanable. Cooler doors need cleaning. Two tablets of Claritin expired. Water and soft drinks on floor and ice cream cones. No reuse of shopping bags for food storage. Keep dumpster doors closed. All drinks in food prep area to be in cup with lid and straw. 99 on follow-up Nov. 6. Notes: Bread and buns on floor. Other corrections made.

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