City of Nicholasville launches new stormwater public education campaign

Published 11:17 am Thursday, October 31, 2019

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From staff reports

Nicholasville – You’ll hear it from cheerleaders, see dogs perform tricks for it and read it on local billboard storm drains are just for the rain.

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However, the City of Nicholasville launched a new public education campaign reminding residents that storm drains on the street are just for rain.
Too often trash, leaves or grass clippings, oil or grease, pet waste and other contaminants end up in the streets and are washed down storm drains. This pollutes a city’s rivers and streams as it travels untreated through its water system.
“As a municipality, Nicholasville is required by law to address stormwater issues through public outreach,” City Commissioner Patty Teater said. “So, while fulfilling that requirement, this campaign gives us an opportunity to keep our waterways clean and enhance our quality of life here in Nicholasville.”

The new campaign features local residents like East and West Jessamine Middle School cheerleaders and dogs from local training school, Manners Matter Dog Training and Day Care.
“We were happy to jump on board to be part of this important public education message and the dogs got to show off a few new skills for the advertisement we filmed,” said Mandy Eakins, founder and head trainer of Manners Matter Dog Training and Day Care.
When pollutants get into storm drains, they can cause clogs which can cause flooding. It also contaminates local streams hurting our wildlife and the environment around them.
“The cheerleaders were excited to be a part of this campaign and learned a lot about the importance of keeping stormwater clean for the City in the process” said Ashley Hatter, coach of the East Jessamine Middle School Cheer Team.

How can you help keep stormwater clean?

  • Report spills, excess water, or other problems that could impact streams.
  • Dispose of trash in trash cans, never in the street.
  • Never leave yard waste or grass clippings along curbs or sidewalks.
  • Pick up after your pet.
  • Use a car wash or wash your car on the grass so the contaminated water doesn’t flow into the street.

“Our goal with this campaign is simply to educate the people of Nicholasville about the importance of our stormwater system and why we need everybody to help keep it clean,” Tim Cross, P.E., city engineer for Nicholasville said.
Cross said he believes this initiative is something every citizen can get involved with.

To learn more about Nicholasville Stormwater, visit or call 859-885-1121.