Restaurant inspections published in The Jessamine Journal 10.24.19

Published 10:21 am Thursday, October 24, 2019

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The following restaurants were inspected by the Jessamine County Health Department:

– Copper River, located at 301 Keene Circle, 94 on July 7. Notes: No thermometer in large walk–in. Cup stored in brown sugar. Several gaskets in front line cooler in poor repair. Items to be cleaned: shelves in walk–in, fry screens in back, coolers in front area. Floor dirty behind and under equipment. Floors not easily cleanable.
– Fiesto Mexico, located at 801 S. Main St., 95 on Sept. 18. Notes: Outside trash and garbage keep in covered container. Proper test papers in sanitizer and keep sanitizer buckets on floor. No sanitizer in auto dishwasher. Must do dishes by hand until repaired. Door handles, shelves, equipment not clean. Can opener. Do not use cardboard for shelf liners or foil, etc. Use clean shelf. No labeling or use by dates on any food in walk in. 92 on follow up Sept. 25. Notes: Employee cutting lemons and limes with no gloves. Foil shelf liners in place. No labels on foods or date marking, use by date. 2 gallon sprayer with no label. Wiping towel buckets on floor. Floors not clean, poor repair in back room. 99 on follow up. Oct. 2. Notes: Do not allow food scrapes on ground at back door. Other corrections made.
– El Rancho Taqueria, located at 972 S. Main St., 82 on Sept. 16. Notes: Staff went from dishwashing to grilling without washing hands. Rotten limes and peppers in food storage. Sour cream on counter out of temperature. Unlabeled prep foods in cooler. Thermometers needed in cooler with broken thermometer. Food stored on floor in storage area. Wiping cloths must be in sanitizer water. Ice scoop must be stores outside ice. Dispensing tools must have handles. 96 on Sept. 30. Notes: Critical violations corrected. Members do not use plastic bags unless they are food grade. Thermometer needed – corrected. Food stored on floor in storage. Wiping cloths not stored in sanitizer. Ice scoop must be properly stored – corrected. Dispensing tools must have handles.
– Holiday Inn Express, located at 164 Imperial, 100 on Sept. 25. Notes: none.
– West Jessamine High School Fieldhouse, located at 2101 Wilmore Road, 99 on Sept. 23. Notes: Mop stored in dishwashing sink.
– WJHS Cafeteria, located at 2101 Wilmore Road, 100 on Sept. 23. Notes: None.
– Euro Wine Bar, located at 102 S. Main St., 99 on Sept. 24. Notes: Floors in poor repair.
– Sams Club, located at 103 Bryan Drive, 92 on Sept. 13. Notes: Reach in cooler not holding temperature at deli case. Ice build up from condensation in freezer. Ice machine door broken. Ice machine in need of cleaning. Ice scoop not stored on clean surface. Drip at three compartment sink. Drip in meat cooler. Flies in cafe. Drain pipe broken at produce sink. 97 on Sept. 27. Notes: Follow up inspections. Ice machine corrected. flies– working on it. .
– Pubic Well, located at 104 York St., 100 on Sept. 24. Notes: None.
– Family Dollar, located at 411 S. Main St., 97 on Sept. 19. Notes: Shelves unclean in milk cooler. Dented can for sale including pet food. 99 on spot follow up. Notes: Dented cans removed from shelf.
– Sonic, located at 120 Bellerive, 93 on Sept. 19. Notes: Certified food manager needed on site at all times. Soap at hand sinks. Toppings stored uncovered. Cell phone on prep area. Items to clean cooler, walk in, floors, behind three compartment sink, fry screen, equipment and gaskets. Dumpster area dirty. Floors and walls dirty.
– Fitch’s IGA, located at 102 Main St., 91 on Sept. 4. Notes: Open water bottle in food prep area. Hair restraints missing. Floors, walls, door handles, shelves and counters. Woman’s restroom out of service. No water at hand sink in produce area. Outside containers, debris etc.
– Triple Crown Wieners, located 501 Rihicket, 99 on Sept. 18. Notes: Cart in need of cleaning, especially ice bin. 100 on spot follow up. No violations found.
– Dominos Pizza, located at 800 S. Main St., 97 on Sept. 17. Notes: Sanitizer water in spray bottle not labeled and stored above food items and boxes. Clean dishes washed and stacked wet.
– Rose Terrace, located at 401 N. Second St., 96 on Sept. 17. Notes: Broom should be hung up when not in use.
– Speedway, located at 979 N. Main St., 97 on Sept. 17. Notes: Dumpster side door open. Speedy freeze and fountain drink machine unclean on outside nozzles. Brooms and mops should be hung up.
– Bakery Outlet, located at 970 N. Main St., 99 on Sept. 17. Notes: Floors in poor repair in storage area. Mop stored on ground.
– Newcomb Oil Fire Station, located at 708 S. Main St., 98 on Sept. 16. Notes: Transferred salads in cooler unlabeled. Freezer gaskets need to be cleaned, collecting ice.
– Walgreens, located at 901 N. Main St., 98 on Sept. 17. Notes: Expired food for sale in reaching freezer. 100 on spot follow up. Item corrected.
– Wendys, located at 4097 Lexington Road, 99 on Sept. 13. Notes: Ice scoop stored in ice. 100 on spot follow up. Notes: Item corrected.
– Top Speed Tennis, located at 777 E. Brannon Road, 98 on Sept. 13. Notes: Sanitizer unlabeled. 100 on spot follow up. Notes: Item corrected.
– McDonalds, located at 100 E. Brannon Road, 98 on Sept. Sept. 12. Notes: Dumpster leaking fluids. Storage bins and behind unclean.
– Keene Run, located at 5600 Harrodsburg Road, 90 on Sept. 12. Notes: Paper towels missing at hand sink. Severely dented cans stores with cans to be used. Prep cooler at 51 degrees. Soft drink hose in ice. Ice machine down stairs dirty. 95 on spot follow up. Food items moved to adjacent freezer.
– Sonic, located at 120 Bellerive, 82 on Sept. 12. Notes: Certified food manager needed on site. Soap needed at hand sinks. No sanitizer water made and stored. Prep cooler at 50 degrees. Chicken stored at 100 degrees.Toppings in walk in stored uncovered. Cell phone laying on prep sink. Cooler, freezer, walk in floors, shelves, walls dirty. Dumpster area dirty and leaking fluid. Floors dirty, walls in poor repair and dirty. Empty boxes needed to be removed. Flies everywhere.
– Gumbo YaYa, located at 294 E. Brannon Road, 97 on Sept. 11. Notes: Mixer, fan, oven not clean. Wiping towels on counters and not in sanitizer. Proper hair restraints needed for all food handlers.
– Chicken Salad Chick, located 254 Brannon Road, 95 on Sept. 11. Notes: Spray bottle not labeled. Food trays on floor. Numerous wiping towels not in sanitizer. Keep in bucket when not in use. Keep dumpster door closed. 100 on spot follow up. Notes: corrections made.
– Mi Pequena Hacienda, located at 110 Cynthia Drive, 93 on Sept. 11. Notes: Covered can for employees. Keep dumpster doors closed. Doors, equipment, shelves unclean. Wiping towels not kept in sanitizer solution. Remove foil shelf liners.Shopping bags not fo food storage or ice.
– Fazolis, located at 1016 N. Main, 96 on Sept. 10. Notes: Metal shelves dirty. Mold on wall at three compartment sink. Walls in need of cleaning. Hood vent in need of cleaning and fountain drink area. Salt scoop in need of cleaning. Ice bucket in need of cleaning. Ice machine in need of cleaning. 99 on spot follow up. Notes: Cleaning of salt scoop and ice buckets corrected.
– Culvers, located at 961 N. Main St., 96 on Sept. 10. Notes: Fountain drink machine in need of cleaning. Can opener in need of cleaning. Ceiling vents dirty. Food storage container cracked. Plastic cup on plumbing pipe at floor sink. Dumpster lid and doors open.
– Waffle House, located at 1034 N. Main St., 96 on Sept. 10. Notes: Dumpster door open. Spatula not in good condition. Too big of gap under back exterior door.
– Pizza Hut, located at 521 N. Main St., 97 on Sept. 10. Notes: Shield, door and door handle in walk in dishwasher in need of cleaning. Mold on shelves in refrigerator. Brooms should be hung up when not in use. Water dripping at CO2 unit.
– Jessamine County Youth Football, located at 402 Park Drive, 98 on Sept. 3. Notes: Inside of refrigerator, ice machine and freezer in need of cleaning. Booms should be hung up. Counter not in good repair.
– China King, located at 991 S. Main St., 97 on Sept. 4. Notes: Shopping bags not for food storage. Label all products not in original container.
– Joe’s Food Mart, located at 202 S. Main St., 97 on Sept. 4. Notes: Use clean shelves and no shelf liners.
– Cottage Cafe, located at 409 N. Main St., 93 on Aug. 21. Notes: Not all products labeled. Wiping towels not in container. Cooler door handles not clean. Use clean shelves for storage. Sanitizer test papers not available. 99 on follow up, Sept. 4. Notes: Sanitizer test papers keep available.
– Bob Evans, located 121 Marlene Drive, 98 on Sept. 4. Notes: Grease barrel outside in need of cleaning, and ground. Two leaking faucets in kitchen.

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