Communities thrive when they work together

Published 8:50 am Thursday, October 10, 2019

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Last week, I rather enjoyed seeing community leaders come together for a joint meeting in the Jessamine County courthouse. The City of Nicholasville, the Jessamine County Fiscal Court and leaders from the Wilmore City Council took time to stand in front of other members of the chamber, tourism and city or county departments and share updates on where they are on projects and what the future looks like as the move forward in their jurisdiction. A story which can be read on today’s front page, it was refreshing to me to see everyone come together for a common purpose, that being the well fair and future of the residents of Jessamine County.

As Judge-Executive David West said, communities who work together yield a great harvest, and it was nice to see all county officials doing just that. A few days after the meeting, I asked West when the last time was a meeting was held like the one last Tuesday. I was informed it had only been a few years since the last one, and the decision to hold one again was a joint effort of both West and Wilmore Mayor Harold Rainwater after Rainwater approached West to discuss bringing the tradition back. I was eager to voice my opinion and told West I hope they hold on to the yearly tradition, and even told him I think a meeting of the same kind could easily take place twice a year to keep everyone on the same page.

I do my best at trying to keep up here in the county but having a meeting like this answered a lot of questions and kept everyone there informed. It also allowed me to write the article I did and keep the citizens up to date on what is going on where they live, and possibly even answer some lingering questions they may have as to where things are headed in Jessamine County. This county is very diverse as far as what is happening at the city and county level, not to mention how unique the situation is over in Wilmore. But knowing that those in charge take their job seriously and work together for the good of all who live here makes trusting the fact that the future looks bright for all who call Jessamine County home.

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