‘The flying car’

Published 12:28 pm Tuesday, October 1, 2019

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Nicholasville welcomes new company which focuses on recover systems for urban aviation


The Jessamine County Chamber of Commerce and local esidents gathered last week for a ribbon cutting welcoming a company which produces cutting-edge technology which makes recovery systems for urban aviation – or what some are calling “the flying car.”

“We are a company that produces, engineers and sales recovery systems for aviation so that if there is an inflight emergency you can deploy a parachute and actually bring down an entire vehicle and save the lives of the people that are on board,” CEO and President of Aviation Safety Resources Larry Williams said.

Over the last year, Williams said the company has been doing a lot of work in urban air mobility. Some people refer to it as flying cars. Although, Williams said it is more for a vehicle that takes of vertically, transitions and then lands vertically.

“If you are not keeping up with it, this is a new market that is coming along aggressively,” Williams said.

In fact, Williams said he had just returned from a meeting in San Francisco where he said 212 different companies are competing to make this vehicle, including companies like Boeing, Airbus and Uber Air.

“Boeing alone has six vehicles under development for this market,” Williams said. “We are looking at a market that is probably going to be a multibillion-dollar market.”

The market is driven in part by Uber as part of it elevate program which plans to be flying in Dallas, Los Angeles and Australia by 2023, Williams said.

“We have the only real system that will work in that market,” Williams said.

Located at 141 Hendren Way, the company works to produce a lighter, stronger and lower volume material to develop a series of new products. These products are an average of 10 percent lower cost wise than comparable competitive products and are designed for aircraft up to 1,800 pounds.

“We are fortunate to find space that will accommodate our corporate offices, production

and in-house testing, which will greatly increase the efficiency of our operations and

reduce costs,” Williams said in a prepared statement. “We believe this location will allow us to provide exceptional value and superior service to our customers while we keep pace with the increasing demand for ASR’s life-saving recovery systems in established and emerging aviation markets.”

Nicholasville Mayor Peter Sutherland said the company’s addition to Jessamine County is due to the Opportunity Zone.

“That is a tremendous advantage for them, and a tremendous advantage for us to have you here,” Sutherland said. “We are grateful that you came, and we hope that you enjoy your time here in Nicholasville and that you will be here for a long time.”

Williams said the facility will hire for 12 new jobs initially. Although, as it grows over the next four or five years the company hopes to expand and have over 100 high paying jobs in Nicholasville.

Jessamine County Judge Executive David West said, “We are excited to have a company that focuses on safety and focuses on the future. We believe that there will be a great future for your company here. Welcome to our community, we are so excited to have you.”