Pleased with Nicholasville Mayor’s push to create jobs

Published 10:05 am Thursday, September 12, 2019

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Nicholasville Mayor Peter Sutherland took a stance at Monday night’s city commission meeting by stating although some in the county disagree, there has been a push to create a stronger workforce in Nicholasville and create additional jobs for those who are moving into the area.

“I saw something on social media saying nothing was being done about creating jobs or anything of that nature and I think that is a lack of education,” Sutherland said.

Sutherland explained soon a representative for the county is expected to come to a future city commission meeting to make a full report on everything he has been working on to create jobs in Jessamine County.

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“(There are) opportunities he has been able to bring to our community,” Sutherland said. “Things are really going good, but they can always keep going. We are still in the process of doing our development for the industrial park. I think we will be really pleased with his efforts and direction that he is going in. Just today, this assistant living facility is going to be jobs. I don’t know how many, but you get 25 here, and 50 there or 100 there, pretty soon it adds up.”

I applaud the mayor on this effort and couldn’t agree more. The city is moving in the right direction by trying to increase efforts to bring in a stronger economy to Nicholasville, thus also creating a thriving economy also for Jessamine County. Efforts begin little by little, and the new developments in town can be looked at as hope. For like the saying goes, “If you build it – they will come.”

I think that we can also take it a step forward and look at today’s society and perhaps even break down generations for what some are willing to do in order to make an honest buck, and what some are not. Being in my late 30’s, I am considered on the cusp of two generations. I look around me sometimes and wonder, is it really the economy, is the employer not paying a decent wage, or is the generation not willing to pick up what they need to and make a pay check even if it means double shifts at the local gas station or fast food restaurant.

Regardless, the new economic developments going in around the county will help in all areas. For those who have been out of work for a while, those just looking to enter the workforce or those looking for something better than they currently have – I believe Jessamine County is on the right track and in time those who may not see it will come to notice.

At the meeting, Sutherland also said, “We will bring people in form out of town and give them an opportunity that will support our other efforts.”

New infrastructure is a good thing. It provides jobs for those who live in town and also for those who don’t mind the commute, like myself. Even if you don’t call Jessamine County home with a mailing address – providing new jobs for residents and commuters will only help strengthen the economy in town and add to the great resources the community already provides its residents.

I applaud the mayor and his push for a greater economy and more jobs for the hard workers of this county. It’s coming, and I know residents in and around Nicholasville are ready for it.