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Published 12:42 pm Tuesday, August 20, 2019

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New bakery opens in Wilmore

By Anne Carmichael

You may have met the Queens of Sweets & Treats, also known as Katherine McKinney, Sharon McKinney, and Beverly Melton who works part-time at one of the many festivals around Nicholasville and Wilmore. What you may not know is they have recently opened a new brick and mortar shop at 327 E. Main St. in Wilmore.

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You can enter their new location through The Olive Branch boutique and sit on their shared patio or you can go around back to their main entrance, which is wheelchair accessible. Either way you choose to enter their new shop, you’ll be enticed by the aroma of cakes, donuts, muffins, breads, candies – such as bourbon balls, Oreo bars, chocolate dipped cherries and fudge-  as well as newly added lunch and dinner boxes.

The shop is open Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and closed on Sunday.

“We’re open early, so you can stop in for a donut for breakfast or take some to work to share. Our donuts aren’t fried like so many bakeries do. Ours are baked,” Kathy said.

Kathy founded the business two years ago. As with any new business, the first goal was to get their name and product known throughout the community. They have done so by setting up booths at many of the local fairs and festivals.

Every Saturday from 8 a.m. to noon, the trio can be found at the Wilmore Farmer’s Market in the parking lot of Wilmore City Hall at 333 E. Main St.  The market is open every Saturday through October 26.

Once Queens of Sweets & Treats established their name and trademark, they formed an LLC. “We want to continually improve our services and grow our business,” Sharon said. “We’re excited about adding new products and expanding our storefront.”

“We offer everything from large catering orders, sampler trays and party platters to the convenience of just dropping in to pick up a single cupcake or one of our whoopie cakes, which is an individually packaged cake,” Kathy said. “A whoopie cake consists of two pieces of your favorite flavored cake with either homemade buttercream or cream cheese icing running over…perfect for one person who doesn’t want leftover cake.”

With fall around the corner, Kathy said Football fans and tailgaters love their UK logo sheet cakes and cupcakes.

“Another of our specialties is our groom’s cakes. They can be customized according to the groom’s hobbies and interests,” Sharon said.

One item on the menu, Kathy said, is a Kentucky tradition that has stood the test of time – the blackberry jam cake and their recipe dates back to Kathy’s great-great-grandmother.

“We decided to try to replicate her jam cake,” Sharon explained. “That’s not an easy cake for most people to make. Not only does it take a lot of prep-time, but there are many ingredients that must be added in a particular order. The baking process has to be done just right as well. We followed Kathy’s great-grandmother’s recipe to the letter and we obviously got it right. Everyone who has tried them says it’s the best jam cake they’ve ever had. That’s a real tribute to her grandmother.”

In addition to all the food sold in their shop, the staff at Queens of Sweets & Treats also makes custom wreaths from Aug. 10 to Nov. 30. Prices start at $25.  Customers can call or drop in and give them their preferences and the shop owners will create something for their door. Queens of Sweets & Treats also offers catering for special events and consultations are free. These events include business meetings or luncheon, school events, wedding, baby shower or any other special occasion.

For more information call 859-202-7492.