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Published 3:39 pm Thursday, August 8, 2019

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Jessamine welcomes 55 new teachers

Welcome back!

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year. We are so excited to have students back in our classrooms on Wednesday, Aug. 14, and filling them with energy and enthusiasm for learning.
The first days of the school year are a special and unique time. Students are exuberant about new friends, new learning opportunities and new clothes.  Parents are excited about their children gaining new knowledge and skills and reaching new milestones, and perhaps just a little relieved to be back in a family routine.  Also, district staff members look to the promise of a clean slate filled with possibility, growth, and success for both our students and ourselves.
Whether you’re new to JCS, or returning to our schools, we’re glad that you’re a part of our family. Our district is one of the fastest-growing in the state, increasing by around 100 students every year, and we’re happy that you’ve made your home in this amazing place. Our community values and supports our efforts to help every student succeed and we’re so grateful for the many gifts and talents that are shared with our district.
We’ve been busy this summer preparing for the new school year and those of you at the high schools will see construction work in progress – but we’re ready for you! These renovations will greatly expand career and technical education opportunities for our students and we’re thrilled about what it will mean for their futures. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we get the year started, not only at the high schools, but also as we work through traffic pattern changes, bus routes and other new routines.  If there’s something that we can help you with or improve, please let us know.
Still a teacher at heart, I’m looking forward to visiting our schools on the first day and throughout the year. I invite our families and community to connect with us as often as possible and to be a part of the incredible things going on in our schools each and every day. Our staff is the heart and soul of our district and I’m so proud to work alongside them.
Thank you for the privilege of serving your family and our community. Welcome to a terrific school year!

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Matt Moore


Photos by Olivia Mohr

Left: Central Office staff members pose for a photo earlier this week during new teach orientation at East Jessamine High School. Left to right in the front row are Dr. Lori Hollen, Director of Elementary Schools, Beth Carpenter, Director of Student Services, Samantha Gottler, Assistant Director of Exceptional Children, Patrice Jones, Director of Public Relations, Michelle Gadberry, Chief Operations Officer, Dr. Michele Reynolds, Chief Academic Officer, Matt Moore, Superintendent Back Row: Sylvia Decker, Executive Assistant, Val Gallutia, Deputy Superintendent, Jason U’Wren, Director of Finance, Daniel Sandlin, Director of Pupil Personnel, Hannah Campbell, Director of Secondary Schools.

Pictured Educators: Colin Davis, WJMS, English language arts; Emily Sorrell, EJMS, science; Jennifer Happy, EJHS, science
; Jarod Rocco, EJHS, math
; Jason Earlywine, WJHS, health/physical education
; Alyssa Molden, Wilmore Elementary, primary
; Rachael Seals, Wilmore Elementary, special education
; Katy Bugg, Wilmore Elementary, primary
; Ann Cissell, RDES, intermediate
; Elizabeth Ward, WJMS, science
; Morgan Cobb, EJMS, art
; Hope Mires, JELV, kindergarten
; Jeanette Jones, JELV, kindergarten
; Kelly Helton, EJHS, cirriculum resource administrator
; David Asher, Warner Elementary, principal
; Matt Botner, Red Oak Elementary, special education/behavior coach
; Laura Cloud, Warner Elementary, teacher
; Rachel Allen, Warner Elementary, special education
; Sabrina Miracle, EJMS, special education
; Sarah Caswell, JELV, preschool
; Hailey Helton, JELV, preschool
; Olivia Kelly, JELV, kindergarten
; Brittany Scott, JELV, teacher
; Katie Resinger, Warner Elementary, speech therapist
; Jill Kane, Brookside Elementary, speech language pathologist
; Brent Richardson, Brookside Elementary, special education
; Sara Otis, Warner Elementary, intermediate
; Fred Lassiter, WJHS, physics
; Amanda Reifsnyder, Wilmore Elementary, primary
; Amanda Sandlin, Brookside Elementary, primary
; Kristin Appel, Brookside Elementary, primary
; Maddie Lee, Brookside Elementary, teacher
; Kelci McDowell, Brookside Elementary, intermediate
; Sarah Schneider, Brookside Elementary, intermediate
; Drew Allison, RDES, special education
; Jason McCord, EJHS, math
; Drew Cooney, WJMS, social studies
; Laura Kinner-Fournier, EJMS, English language arts
; Brittany Cox, EJMS, instructional coach
; Sean Goggin, Providence, high school teacher
; Sara Hudson, WJMS, math
; Ryan Johnson, WJHS, chemistry
; Melissa Graham, EJMS, science PLTW
; Michael Rundell, WJHS, chemistry
; Clara Rothchild, Wilmore Elementary, primary

New educators not pictured include: Sonya Stephens, Ashgrove Academy, special education; Elizabeth Walton, Brookside Elementary, intermediate; Patrick Howell, EJHS, band; Ashley Retherford, EJHS, Spanish; Michelle Areaux, EJMS, English language arts; Olivia Belcher, EJMS, math; Brittany Collins, EJMS, English language arts; Dimitra Kaftani, EJMS, science; Arnetta McClary, EJMS, college/career readiness; Sarah Propes, EJMS, special education; Madalyn Stichnot, EJMS, math; Alexander Tingle, JCTC, agriculture; Jalyn Goforth, JELV, kindergarten; Bobbi Hoffner, JELV, principal; Emily Payne, JELV, kindergarten; Kaylee Rousey, JELV, kindergarten; Nicholas Schuerman, JELV, assistant principal; Jordan Thompson, JELV, guidance counselor; Ramsey Williams, JELV, kindergarten; Kendall Anderson, Red Oak Elementary, intermediate; Dorothy Spann, Providence, social studies; Jasmine Varner, Providence, special education/social studies; Sydney Berry, WJMS, English language arts; Sara Hudson, WJMS, math; Michelle Weitlauf, WJMS, English language arts.