All is not lost, God is still in control

Published 11:47 am Thursday, July 18, 2019

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Everyone knows there is an abundance of chaos, disagreement, and anger in this nation and around the globe. I would not be an honest messenger of God, if I said this old world did not have some serious problems and there is nothing to be concerned about. However, I believe God is in control and will rule upon his throne forever.
Regardless of how wicked and corrupt this culture becomes and how many Christians may compromise and drift into apathy, God is still the Almighty Creator of all things. His promises are true, and He has a remnant of holy, sanctified warriors who love Him and will faithfully represent Him until the end.
Some today might be convinced the enemy has won the war, but darkness can never overcome the light. There are still good people who are showing love and compassion.
There are individuals of integrity and sincerity who are joyfully taking up their crosses because they are being led by the Holy Spirit. There are still many who are praying every day for those around them and for this nation and they are seeing God’s miracles happening today just like when Jesus walked the earth.
We realize that much of the information we receive is filtered through a biased interpretation and with this increasing problem of deception we know how difficult it is to sort through the chaos and discern what is true.
Fifty years ago, we would not have dreamed about the things that are happening today as we can sense the spiritual resistance and warfare is becoming more intense. Unfortunately, darkness flourishes in a society where the masses do not respect or believe in God and do not care about what He is saying.
However, even in the midst of our trials and burdens, there is wonderful news for everyone who is discouraged by the hostility and division in this present generation.
The Bible teaches and affirms God is never surprised or alarmed. He is sovereign over all things, including human history. He created the galaxies and upholds the universe by the word of His authority. He is Alpha and Omega and knows the thoughts of every person on earth. Nothing can happen that He does not allow and He works all things for the good of His people and His glory.
The reality of God’s sovereignty is meant to give us security and joy and confidence to trust Him at all times, even when we are perplexed and disappointed.
We cannot give each other the peace that passes all understanding; it must be received from God. Instead of spending our time on social media telling everyone how bad it is and distributing depression, let us be filled with anticipation and live in the excitement that Jesus is the lord of lords and the king of kings and that He is returning soon!
Becoming a spiritual overcomer with Christ involves making the choice to develop perseverance and to pray for the passion to grow closer to God as a consistent lifestyle.
We know the Bible declares that in the last days many will turn away from divine truth and will love pleasure more than God but the fact is that all is not hopeless or lost. The Holy Spirit has an encouraging word for those who are seeking God with all of their heart and that is the Lord suffered and died for you, rose from the grave, and is waiting to save and deliver all who will call upon Him.
Many are responding to the call to intercede and have accepted the great commission to share the life-changing power of the gospel. There are faithful followers that are so filled with the love for Christ that they are even willing to be persecuted for their faith.
How does someone become fanatical about God? Just like a person who trains in a sport or is committed to losing weight, they are focused with a fierce determination.
God is moving stronger now than ever and is patiently waiting for us to move with Him. Yes, persecution and suffering might be a part of our destiny – but we can have joy, hope and confidence while going through any situation if we choose to allow Christ to shine within us.“The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?” Psalm 27:1.


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