Letters to the Editor published in the Jessamine Journal 6.20.19

Published 9:32 am Thursday, June 20, 2019

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What is wrong with young people today?
Why do people smoke cigarettes? It seems like everybody smoke these days. That is something I have never done, is smoke or do any illegal drugs. When I was young, the “thing” was smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. I was always saying to myself just because someone else was doing these things it was no sign that I had to do them.
The police department needs to hire me as a bloodhound to smell out marijuana smokers. For me they stink to high heaven and cigarette smokers don’t smell any better. Is it the pressure put on you guys by the modern world for the reason all of you are smoking?
Another thing, I cannot see how in the world some people are holding their pants up with it down below their butt. I mean, when you guys set down a person can see the crack of your butt. This is nasty. I gotta have my belt up around my waist.
Also, can’t some of you guys clean up after yourself when you are in a public restroom? I mean, some of you leave them in pretty bad shape. This is downright sorry when you don’t.
Sometimes I pick up after you, and sometimes I don’t.
What in the world is this world coming to with young people? Get some life about yourself and stop acting like a bunch of dead lice.
Victor Privett


Excited and confident for the future of East Jessamine High
I want to thank Matt Moore, superintendent of Jessamine County Schools and the Jessamine County Board of Education for allowing me to be the interim principal for East Jessamine High School the last four months of the 2018/2019 school year.
I also want to thank the faculty and staff for their support and commitment to East Jessamine High School.
A special thanks to the students for their acceptance and the many brief conversations I had with students during class changes.
Specifically, thanks to the seniors (class of 2019) for their leadership during this change/adjustment in the final months of their senior year — without their support and leadership the success “we” all experienced would not have happened.
I am excited and confident for the future of East Jessamine High School. The faculty is committed to providing each student a challenging academic program. Those who sponsor extra-curricular activities likewise provide a student oriented challenging program.
The administration, which includes new faces, is likewise student-focused and ready to lead East Jessamine High School as the total community, including parents, “embrace the future!”
It has been my pleasure to be associated with the Jessamine County School district since the 2009/2010 school year. I have had the pleasure to serve under three outstanding superintendents whose main mission was and is student success.
The central administrative team provides tremendous support to the school based outstanding administrators who in turn provide leadership allowing the fantastic teachers at each level to provide not only positive instruction but also the nurturing of each individual student.
The support staff at each Jessamine County facility is likewise dedicated to each student’s individual success.  This complete team involvement would not be possible without the total support of the Jessamine County Board of Education.
Finally, I encourage not only parents to visit Jessamine County Schools, but those folks who no longer have a student attending school or if you are simply a resident of Jessamine County.
You will be both pleased and impressed!
Ken Cox

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Plea for an alternate plan
We, the undersigned, are 91 residents of Nicholasville. Many of us live in the Lone Oak, Hawthorne, Paddock and other Nicholasville neighborhoods.
We are joining our voices and our hearts out of deep concern for the development proposal being considered for the Lone Oak Golf Course area.
To you, Mr. Clay Corman and Mr. William Hayden, we are grateful for your concern in trying to find a way out of the financial situation that has resulted in your purchase of the golf course, including the pool and the clubhouse.
This letter is a heartfelt plea from many of us who reside in proximity to the Lone Oak Golf Course and beyond. We are asking you to consider an alternate plan for the course rather than your recent development proposal that would result in some 300 plus housing units being developed over the next 10 years.
We live in a time when communities are doing everything possible to save and preserve the green spaces in their neighborhoods.
Lone Oak has been a beautiful sanctuary of green in the city of Nicholasville since 1967. The golf course and the pool have been assets that we have probably taken for granted. However, many of us have become aware that they are wonderful community assets, treasures actually, that we should do everything possible to keep.
We believe that the proposed development will change the character and ambiance of our neighborhoods.
We understand that the membership at the Lone Oak Golf Course declined to an unworkable number. Many of us were remiss in not facing Lone Oak’s serious financial situation.
However, we believe that Nicholasville families from many neighborhoods across the city would be willing to become members, including former members, in an effort to retain the wonderful green space in the heart of our city.
We would urge you to join with us in trying to find a workable plan that would keep the Lone Oak golf course and pool as viable assets.
We are encouraged to see the great interest in the Lone Oak pool, which has been able to sustain itself financially with much interest and usage. Parents and children all across the community love the pool.
Last year, more than 100 children and their families were enthusiastically involved with the swim team. In fact, the Lone Oak pool has had a swim team for more than 40 years. Right from the start this year, opening day saw the pool at near capacity.
The initial responses from people hearing of the development plan have included frustration, disappointment, shock, disillusionment, apprehension and anger.
While many of us knew there were financial struggles with Lone Oak, most of us knew little of the specifics and kept hoping that something could be done to work out those problems.
Unfortunately, there is deep apprehension now about the specter of excessive residential traffic, about heavy construction traffic in and out of Lone Oak for years to come, about safety on Lone Oak Drive (which has no sidewalks), about the devaluation of properties and about the uncertainty of what the new construction will do to the entire area.
But most of all, we realize that not having the Lone Oak Golf Course and pool will be a tremendous loss for the entire city of Nicholasville.
Knowing of your love for Nicholasville, Mr. Corman and Mr. Hayden, we urge you to reconsider the proposed development plan.
Consider, rather, the wonderful legacy of a thriving, flourishing Lone Oak Golf Course and pool you could help all of us, together, leave. We believe that many residents of our community are willing to step up and help make that happen.
Please, let’s work together to give it a try.
Jim Heidinger

This letter was submitted to the Jessamine Journal with a petition signed by 91 residents.