Restaurant inspections published in the Jessamine Journal 5.23.19

Published 11:27 am Thursday, May 23, 2019

The following inspections were released by the Jessamine County Health Department:

— Kids Connection, 310 Southview, 96 on April 29. Notes: Dented can of corn in food storage room. Follow up inspection. Dented can removed from shelf. Light shield repaired.
— Rose Terrace, 401 N. Second St., 99 on April 25. Notes: Drawer and cabinet liners collecting debris. Should be removed.
— Asbury Theological Seminary Cafeteria, 204 N. Lexington, 92 on April 25. Notes: Dumpster lids open. Debris and trash on ground around dumpster. Gasket in poor condition on walk–in freezer door. Dipper well in need of cleaning. Growth on wall in dishwashing room due to moisture. Paint peeling on wall in dishwashing room. Items stored on floor in food storage stock room (dry storage room). Floor in poor repair in dry storage room.
— Scott Station Inn, 305 E. Main St., 98 on April 25. Notes: Leftover food should be stored in food grade containers.
— Drinklings, 325–327 E. Main St., 90 on April 16. Notes: Broom and mop should be up off the floor. Sanitizer test strips needed. Thermometer required in refrigerator. No paper towels at hand sink. Covered trash can needed in women’s restroom. Un–roasted coffee beans spilled under pallets. Need to clean up chaff around roaster. Coffee stirs should be wrapped or dispensed.
— Asuka Grill and Sushi, 360 E. Brannon, 98 on April 17. Notes: Labeling of food product held over 24 hours needed. Caulking in poor repair — three comp sink and one comp by dishwasher. Fountain gun in ice, long cold. Needs placard and hand wash.
— Drake’s, 390 E. Brannon, 96 on April 22. Notes: Several food items uncovered in cooling units. Bartender handing fruit must be dispensed with tongs. Straws uncovered, bare hand contact.
— Bellacino’s, 161 E. Brannon, 94 on April 24. Notes: Ice machine needs to be cleaned. Fruit flies in back area of kitchen — additional cleaning, trash removal, trash lids, may need professional treatment. Walls and electric panel in three comp area dirty. Wall in poor repair under front hand sink, floor sink under hand sink.
— Depot St. Pizza, 309 N. 3rd, 100 on April 17. Notes: Items marked — food (dinners) labeled incorrectly. These product will now be inspected under Breads and Spreads permit. Items that are from home kitchens must be labeled accordingly. All vendors are not individually permitted or it will be on Dodd’s inspection.
— Thompson Hood VA, 100 Veterans Dr., 100 on April 12. Notes: No violations found.
— Champion Trace, 20 Ave. of Champions, 94 on April 3. Notes: Thermometer needed in downstairs cooler with drink mixes. Dishwasher is not sanitizing — Dishes must be sanitized in 3–comp sink until dishwasher is working.
— WJHS cafeteria, 2101 Wilmore Rd., 99 on April 11. Notes: Ceiling tiles water stained from an old leak in dry storage room. Dust on ceiling beside vent near hoods.
— Jessamine County Extension office, 95 Park Dr., 99 on April 11. Notes: tile floor under ice machine not in good repair due to water draining from ice machine and not going right to drain.
— EJMS cafeteria, 901 Union Mill Rd., 98 on April 11. Notes: Boxes of food on floor should be put on a shelf and stored at least six inches off the floor in walk–in freezer and storage room (corrected in storage room).
— Red Oak Elementary, 921 Union Mill Rd., 98 on April 11. Notes: Gap too big under back exterior door.
— Brookside Elementary, 199 Brookside Dr., 99 on April 11. Notes: Paint peeling on wall behind dish washing sink due to moisture.
— NES cafeteria, 414 W. Maple, 99 on April 11. Notes: Metal floor in walk–in cooler is coming apart at seam and raising up and gapping.
— EJHS, 851 Sulphur Well Rd., 98 on April 17. Notes: Ice machine has accumulation. Hard water buildup on floors. Labeling 24 dispensed. Reheating discussed food is only reheated one time.
— Jessamine Youth Softball, City County Park, 99 on April 23. Notes: Label cheese containers with throw away date.
— Jessamine Youth Basketball, City County Park, 98 on April 22. Notes: Back door needs weather stripping.
— Breads and Spreads, 2032 Blackhorse Ln., 96 on April 17. Notes: Products are still not properly labeled. Seven days to correct before action.
— Revive House, 101 Richmond Ave., 95 on April 17. Notes: Leftovers not date marked. Label items with date mark. Chicken improperly thawed. Discussed. Sanitized test strips needed. Must be for sanitizer in use. Food managers June 26, 2019 @ 1 p.m. Call 885–2310.
— Providence School, 210 S. Lexington, 97 on April 12. Notes: Items to clean ice machine front of milk cooler. Wall behind 3–comp sink poor repair. Poor lighting in storage room.
— Head Start, 1330 Drake Lane, 99 on April 11. Notes: Sugar and lemon juice unlabeled. Expiration time of opened packages seven days.
— Wilmore Elementary, 150 Campground Ln., 99 on April 11. Notes: Mold on wall behind dish sprayer.
— Field House Concession Stand, 2101 Wilmore Rd., 98 on April 2. Notes: Hang brooms or store upside down when not in use. At least one person working in concession stand needs to have a food handler’s certification
— Back lobby, Basketball Concession Stand, 2101 Wilmore Rd., 99 on April 2. Notes: Microwave in need of cleaning. At least one person working in concession stand needs food handler certification.
— Wilmore Petro/Kluckers, 404 N. Lexington, 98 on April 11. Notes: Items must be labeled with expiration dates/times. Six hour limit on hot foods. Label raw chicken if kept over 24 hours. Items need to be cleaned: fry screens, shelves in kitchen, ice machine. Floors poor condition, dirty. Walls and ceiling poor condition, dirty. Mops and broom not stored on hooks.

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