‘A great hobby and sport’

Published 9:49 am Thursday, May 2, 2019

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Gun shop prides itself on passing knowledge along to customers

By Anne Carmichael
For the Jessamine Journal
Five years ago, Jennifer and Scott Hulette opened their gun reloading supplies shop after Scott decided to leave his job at Toyota and follow his dream to own a gun store – Nicholasville Reloading & Guns, LLC.
“Guns and gun ownership have gotten a bad reputation in the last few years,” Hulette said. “I’m almost 50 years old and have been taught since I was a child to respect guns, care for them and handle them in a responsible and lawful manner.”

The store is located at 948 S. Main St. in Nicholasville. The shop is open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and closed on Sunday. If a CCDW class is taking place, the usual date for this event is Sunday while the shop is closed for business.
“None of my guns have ever been used to hurt another human,” she said. “I still have all my fingers and toes. I was taught right and I want to pass that knowledge along to my customers. I hope that through educating people about gun safety and treating both gun owners and their guns with respect when they walk through our door, they’ll find that guns can be a great hobby and sport.”
Hulette said the store offers a little something for everyone who is interested in reloading guns.
“We sell everything that someone needs to become a reloader,” Hulette said. “If you reload the brass casings, it’s half the cost of buying new ammunition. A startup can be expensive at most big box stores, but we bend over backward to help our customers cut those costs. If I have a partially used can of gunpowder, I’ll discount it and sell it to someone just learning reloading. Leaving brass on the ground is a waste of money.”
Nicholasville Reloading prides itself on having everything a customer needs to take up the practice of reloading including equipment and supplies, brass, primers, books, and they’ll teach each customer how to use them. Hulette said they also price-match any local or internet supplier.
If you’re looking for an expensive $1,000 gun, you won’t find that here, Hulette said. He is a full-service gunsmith and can refurbish a customer’s grandpas’ antique gun that has rusted or isn’t firing correctly and make it look like new.
Another misconception that the Hulettes want to make customers aware of is that they can purchase guns online and have them shipped to their at home. Federal law prohibits weapons from being shipped directly to private owners, and guns must be shipped to a business that is federally licensed, such as Hulette’s shop. There is a $20 charge for this service, as he is required to document the sale and ownership according to federal guidelines and report each transaction. Any breach of regulation carries a penalty of ten years in the penitentiary, which is just one reason the Hulettes are fully credentialed and NRA Lifetime Members.
The shop also offers a Kentucky Carry Concealed Deadly Weapon (KY CCDW) class.
“We truly care for our customers,” Hulette said. “It’s like when farmers used to come into the general store and sit and talk. Reloaders are great people. Everyone gets to know each other, and they keep coming back, because they know we’re going to help them.”

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