Stay-cation in Kentucky this summer

Published 10:39 am Thursday, April 25, 2019

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Since our family moved here, almost three years ago now, we have taken off exploring many other southern states.
From Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee, South and North Carolina, Mississippi and recently Georgia – we have put our fair share of miles on the family car wanting to experience a new world. But how much time do we all actually spend enjoying the world around us right here in Kentucky?
Maybe our itch to move and explore comes from growing up in such a large state on the West Coast. Let’s be honest, when you live in California, you typically only see – California! Maybe with a little Nevada thrown in there every once in a while. Or Arizona and Washington for those who take the time to explore very far south or north.
This one time, when I was 17, we took a plane to Colorado, and I thought I had traveled so far away from home. Almost 20 years later, that is nothing compared to the move we made over two and a half years ago.
Still, there are many places here in Kentucky we have not explored yet, and this summer seems like the greatest opportunity to do just that. For example, here are a few items on our Kentucky bucket list of things to do.
Mammoth Cave National Park for starters. Some people I have worked with since being in the state said they took field trips here as a kid. What an awesome field trip! While most of the field trips I took as a kid included nothing but settler parks in downtown Sacramento, or the Gold Rush in Coloma, California – this seems like one cool trip to take as a kid and I can’t wait to take my own children and go explore it as an adult.
Cumberland Falls State Resort has always been high on our list as well. We have been to Lake Cumberland, but we have not seen the falls. I have been told those who go can experience a moon glow over the water at night, and I can only imagine what a great site that would be. We are talking about renting a boat on Lake Cumberland for Fourth of July, and my fingers are crossed we get to see the falls too.
As a lover of the outdoors, a place that has been on the top of my list since we took up residence here is Natural Bridge. I love a good hike through the woods, and the pictures I have seen have always enticed me to want to take the drive and hike up to Natural Bridge in Slade, Kentucky. I know the pictures can’t possibly do it justice, and that is why I am eager to go experience it myself.
Where do your plans take you this summer? Where ever you go, out of state or just kicking back here in Kentucky, make sure and send us pictures of your vacations for publication. I look forward to seeing where everyone’s summer travels take them over the summer months ahead.

Brittany Fuller is the community editor of The Jessamine Journal and Jessamine Life magazine. She can be reached at

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