Restaurant Inspections

Published 10:31 am Thursday, April 25, 2019

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The following restaurants were inspected by the Jessamine County Health Department.

— East Jessamine Soccer and Track, 94 on March 25. Notes: Brooms should be hung up or turned upside down when not in use. Ice scoop is covered in ice in the ice machine. Sanitizer needed for three compartment sink. At least one person working in concession stand needs to be food handler certified.
— Jessamine Early learning Village, 99 on March 25. Notes: Cracked food storage container.
— Warner Elementary Cafeteria, 99 on March 25. Notes: Ice scoop in need of cleaning.
— East Jessamine Field House, 99 on March 27. Notes: Ice scoop stored inside machine with handle touching ice. Fryer being used without fry supervision. Food products stored on floor.
— East Jessamine Basketball, 99 on March 27. Notes: Nacho cheese and any other opened food products must be labeled.
— West Jessamine Middle Field House, 97 on March 27. Notes: Nacho cheese opened and not labeled. Fryer with oil stored on floor.
— West Jessamine Middle, 98 on March 27. Notes: Ceiling fan in dish room dirty. Ice machine pope in back dripping on floor.
— Speedway, 415 N. Main St., 98 on March 26. Notes: Hot held product not marked. Exit door nu cooler not sealed at bottom. Floors are not sealed, dirty behind and under equipment soda area. Walls in back in poor repair.
— Rosenwald Dunbar, 99 on March 27. Notes: Small plumbing leak under hood.
— European Delight, 99 on March 27. Notes: Wiping cloths not stored in sanitizer.
— Little Ceasers, 97 on March 4. Notes: Exterior of hot holding, shelves dirty. Wall area behind three compartment sink dirty. Mold on top. Floors dusty, three compartment sink area and behind and under equipment.
— Top Seed Tennis, 100 on March 13. Notes: No violations found.
— Childcare Network, 97 on March 12. Notes: Juice not stored in refrigerator. General cleaning of appliances, microwave, fridge and shelves. Drywall dust on juice.
— Double Kwik, 4000 Catnip Hill, 88 on March 19. Notes: Sugar and salt containers in the back are not food grade. Grill – wiping cloths not stored in sanitizer. Equipment, ice machine, storage containers, fryers and grills dusty. Towels missing from hand sink. Back door needs to be sealed. Floors dusty behind and under equipment. Walls dirty. Display cooler is reading above 41 degrees. Remove items and store 41 degrees or below.

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