Letter to editor

Published 10:40 am Thursday, April 25, 2019

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Our county should update but take notice of our county. Get our county persons in our jail in our rehab in schooling. Not export our fellow citizens in and out and bring in whomever for some money by the day. You let me know if all the people in the jail are Jessamine County Citizens. Those are who we should be rehabilitating.  If they are major outside criminals, send them out. Hail should not be our money maker for the city and county. Also get rid of pawn shops. If people have legitimate legal things to sell there are other ways. Cash and go, really? Does that promote good cash handling. Let’s invest in the pool. Make a better park. Look at Pavilion in Georgetown or YMCA. We can do better for ourselves than this, poor leadership and money mis management.
Also are all these persons on Shun, Bethel, in the county and city building turning lanes into their new subdivisions, or are we to just have more traffic and absorb the cost of taking over their blacktop and problems down the road. Already mud, gravel and construction issues.

Pamela Hubbard
Jessamine County

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