Restaurant Inspections

Published 11:59 am Thursday, March 21, 2019

The following inspections were released by the Jessamine County Health Department:

– La Chiquita, 105 Edgewood Plaza, 96 on Jan. 30. Notes: Ceiling tile water stained. Restroom door not self closing. Vinegar used as a cleaner should be labeled.
– Bruster’s Ice Cream, 111 W. Plaza Drive, 99 on Feb. 8. Notes: Accumulation on inside of ice machine.
– Culvers, 961 N. Main St., 98 on Feb. 18. Notes: Area around fountain drink machines in need of cleaning underneath grate and ice bin. Vanilla in pouring bottle should be labeled. (Corrected during inspection).
– Sam’s Club, 103 Bryant, 100 on Feb. 19. Notes: No violations found.
– Wendy’s, 4097 Lexington Road, 98 on Feb. 20. Notes: Food stored improperly. Must be capable of closing with a lid. Dishwasher sanitizer empty. Must be checked frequently. (Corrected).
– Domino’s Pizza, 800 S. Main St., 97 on Feb. 21. Notes: Chemical bottles unlabeled. Mop sink drains very slow. Caused buildup of dirt and debris. Leaks at bottom. Wall behind mop sink and pipe support wall dirty. Also, caulking behind hand sink.
– Ollie’s Bargain Market, 955 S. Main St., 100 on Feb. 21. Notes: Expired products must be removed. (Corrected and discussed).
– Sonny’s BBQ, 109 N. Plaza Drive, 98 on Feb. 22. Notes: No handle on microwave. Inside of microwave in poor repair. Accumulation building up on dishing racks. Sugar and brown sugar not labeled.
– Holiday Inn, 164 Imperial, 97 on Feb. 22. Notes: Unlabeled containers stored in refrigerator. Use of date label for any products held in refrigerator. Products on bar to be discarded. Water for pancakes stored in container with mold. Use long stem thermometer to get water at right temperature.
– Five Star, 708 S. Main St. 96 on Feb. 25, Notes: Flour and sugar need to be labeled. Cheese and pimento cheese container cracked. Lid pulls unclean. Cabinet under fountain drink machine unclean. Light out near dish washing sink.
– Waffle House, 97 on Feb. 21. Notes: Eggs stored above ready to eat food in refrigerator. Fountain drink machine dripping continually.
– Pizza Hut, 521 N. Main St., 93 on Feb. 20. Notes: Clean cups stacked wet. Need to air dry before stacking. Gasket in poor repai