Physical therapy facility takes sports medicine approach with patients

Published 11:16 am Thursday, March 21, 2019

If you have sprains, strains, pain or work injuries, Nicholasville’s Performance Physical Therapy might just be the place for you.
Opened in January 2011, the company was started as a way of providing a level of care and service that separates itself from other physical therapy locations. With a goal to treat each patient as their own family member, employees dedicate themselves to helping patients work to obtain their maximum potential through physical therapy.
“We work with people who have had sprains/strains, low back pain, neck pain, sports or work injuries and those with overuse injuries,” Office Manager Keisha Lansaw said. “We take a sports medicine approach with a lot of hands on care and exercise with focus on finding the cause of the problem and educating the patient on how to stay well once they’ve completed their physical therapy program.”
Located at 460 E. Brannon Road, appointments are available from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m Monday through Friday. The company also has locations in Louisville and Hamburg. Nicholasville’s location features six therapists and one physical therapist assistant.
Lansaw said individuals who have injuries and diminishing functions benefit from the physical therapy offered.
“(Physical Therapy is important because) it provides an environment to help restore your health and educate you to maintain it,” Lansaw said. “An evaluation will determine (a patient’s) functional deficits. The program based on that evaluation will address those deficits in motion and functional strength. Hands on care can also be utilized to stimulate blood flow and promote healing.”
Lansaw said most insurance carriers cover physical therapy and out of pocket cost is based on individual benefits.
Since opening nine years ago, Lansaw said the facility has grown from a 1,000 square foot building inside a baseball training facility to a 7,000 square foot building located in Brannon Crossing. As a company, Performance Physical Therapy has six location throughout Central Kentucky. Lansaw said the company may expand in the future if there is a need for services in other areas.
“Give it a try,” Lansaw said. “(You) may be surprised by how much better (you) can feel from physical therapy that utilizes hands on care and an exercise program that’s focused on addressing (your) function deficits.

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