Good Health

Published 11:48 am Wednesday, March 13, 2019

By Anne Carmichael

New high-tech gym has hometown feel

After traveling around the world six times to promote his company, Darren Carter wanted to do something special for his hometown and open a different kind of gym, just for his community.

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In 1998, Carter founded Contours Express International. Currently, there are more than 400 locations in 25 countries. The new Good Health Fitness facility, owned by Carter, is now open at 156 Imperial Way, located off North Main Street behind Goodwill in Nicholasville.
Unlike Contours Express, which is for women only, Good Health Fitness is a gym that caters to both male and female adults of all ages who may never have trained in a gym before, or who work out regularly and want to kick it up a notch, get back in shape or simply feel and look better. It’s a place to just be yourself while getting healthy, Carter said.
“Anyone, no matter their fitness level, is welcome at Good Health Fitness and will be comfortable here,” Carter said. “I can’t stress enough that this is not your typical gym. This is a place designed and intended to have a casual, hometown atmosphere. No designer workout clothes required here. The key is comfort and freedom of movement.”
In just the first 18 days since opening its doors in late December, Good Health Fitness has welcomed 450 members. The cost of membership ranges from a basic membership, only $10 per month, and an all-access membership, $21.99 per month. New technology allows premium members to check in via a fingerprint scan at any hour of the day or night, including hours that the gym is closed. Security, Alexander said, is a top priority.
“Whatever plan you and your physician have for a healthier you, be it losing weight, strengthening your muscles, increasing the performance of your heart, better nutrition or just managing pain — we’re here to help,” on-site Manager Allison Alexander said.
Alexander is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, with specialized education in nutrition and fitness training. She develops a customized plan specific to a client’s needs, whether that be a diet and exercise plan for diabetics or heart patients or a workout plan for athletes and runners.
“It is my goal to help every member gain a better understanding of what they need to stay healthy. For those members who are already in training, I want to help them grow their plan and get even stronger,” Alexander said. “We have 50 cardio machines. I can put you on a comprehensive 30-minute training circuit. Circuit training is a form of body conditioning, endurance training or resistance training. It targets strength-building and muscular endurance.”
For those who want to improve their physical appearance or combat the physical pain of arthritis, fibromyalgia or simply the effects of aging, the gym also offers a new red-light therapy called the Total Body Enhancement which helps to reduce joint stiffness, relieve muscle spasms, improve blood flow, reduces inflammation and improves skin elasticity and collagen fibers.
Total Body Enhancement targets cells that store fat and stimulates them to release it. With varying levels of vibration, the machine can help with weight loss, as well as skin cell rejuvenation and can be a positive addition to exercise and a complete health and nutrition plan.
Once the client’s body absorbs the red light, it converts it into cellular energy. Collagen and elastin production increases, thus repairing sun damage. It also evens out skin tone and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Red-light therapy is also known to heal acne and accelerates wound healing. It can be helpful in pain reduction as well. The machine uses LED lights that are emitted at a controlled wavelength. This ensures that the bulbs generate little to no heat, are energy-efficient and eco-friendly.
Carter said hydrotherapy massage recliners are available to relax your muscles after a workout, a long day at the office, or just a hectic day of running errands and tending to kids. The hydro massage bed gives a convenient, dry, full-body massage with the use of pressurized water. Lying down, the client is in the open design recliner fully clothed and feels the traveling jet system, which delivers a complete relaxing body massage.
“This is a nice, new, clean, neighbor-friendly gym,” Carter reiterated. “Our team at Good Health Fitness is here to help you achieve the highest level of fitness. We want you to feel at home. We’re looking forward to making new friends and having an opportunity to help the community look and feel better.”