Invest in solar energy

Published 11:08 am Thursday, February 21, 2019

I am writing to ask your readers to oppose State Senate Bill 100. The bill will make it less cost effective for consumers to invest in solar energy and consequently have a negative effect on the growing Kentucky solar energy industry.
A similar bill was introduced in the legislature last year, and it was defeated because of the strong opposition of citizens. This bill has made a few improvements, but basically it gives the utility companies a monopoly on solar energy.
At a time when it is imperative that we look for new ways to cut carbon emissions, we need to be encouraging people and companies to invest in solar.
Please call the legislative number, 800-372-7181, and leave a message for all members of the Senate Natural Resources and Energy Com-mission as well your state representative and senator.
For more information, Google Kentucky Bill Watch.
Mary K. Miller

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