Restaurant Inspections

Published 12:38 pm Thursday, February 14, 2019

The following restaurants were inspected by the Jessamine County Health Department:

Red Pepper, 1001 Elizabeth St. 82 on Dec. 31. Notes: Products including rice and sauces not labeled. Chicken not being thawed properly – returned to cooler. Bags of food on floor. Food uncovered in refrigerator. Freezer is full of frost covering products. Sanitizer test strips needed. Dishwasher not set up as wash, rinse, sanitize. Wiper cloths stored in sanitizing solution. Surface of interior and exterior of equipment dirty. Shelves and storage bins dirty. Raw wood in prep and dish area. Silverware improperly stored, needs proper containers. Do not soak as found. Floors dirty, especially behind and under equipment. General accumulation needed. Remove unwanted/needed items, store everything off floor.

Sonic, 100 Village Parkway, 94 on Jan. 2. Notes: Floor unclean under shelves and equipment, including grease by fryer. Water pooled on floor not draining properly. Water leaking from sprayer at three-compartment sink. Walls unclean. Brooms should be hung up when not in use. Food handlers card required for all non-management staff within 30 days.

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Children’s Choice Learning Centers, 717 S. Main St., 98 on Jan. 4. Notes: Hair restraints required. 1 tsp bleach to 1 gallon of water.

Subway, 109 Springdale Ste. 6, 99 on Jan. 4. Notes: Wiping cloths must be stored in sanitizer solution when not in use or single use paper towels can be used.

Issacs Express Mart, 100 Springdale, 100 on Jan. 4. Notes: No violations found.

Bob Evans Restaurant, 93 on 121 Marlene Drive, 93 on Jan. 8. Notes; Jacket stored on rack next to single service items. Top of equipment unclean, dusty, microwave and ovens. Floor slick around dishwasher area. Plumping under three-compartment sink leaking. Hair restraint not worn by food handler. Inside of coolers unclean near grill. Top of juice machine dusty.

Gumbo Ya Ya, 294 E. Brannon Road, 96 on Jan. 8. Notes: Cleaning bottle not properly labeled. 100 on spot follow up. Notes: Item corrected.

Chicken Salad Chick, 254 E. Brannon Road, 100 on Jan. 8. Notes: No violations found.

Panera, 101 Cynthia Drive, 100 on Jan. 8. Notes: No violations found.

Movie Tavern, 150 Langley Drive, 98 on Jan. 8. Notes: Shelf unclean holding flour and sugar and sliding tracks on cooler. Area behind grill unclean. Floor unclean in walk in under storage racks.

Asbury Inn, 204 N. Lexington St., 95 on Jan. 9. Notes: Spouts on delight creamer machine should be clipped at an angle. Display trays are cracked. Expired milk, 2 percent, skim and chocolate. 99 on follow up. Notes: Expired milk removed from cooler. Violation remains on report until next inspection.

Dollar General Store, 122 Edgewood Plaza, 89 on Jan. 15. Notes: Inside of coolers, milk spill inside cooler. Shelving unclean, outside and top of cooling units dusty. Bottom of cooler holding eggs unclean. Build up of ice on ice cream containers. Floor unclean throughout. Walls unclean, cobwebs. Sani-flusa, comet stored near sandwich bags, storage bags, dollar deal aisle needs separation. Women’s restroom out of order. Water fountain unclean.

Zaxby’s, 200 N. Plaza Drive, 97 on Jan. 15. Notes: Dumpster area unclean. Floor unclean around fryers. Outside/inside of equipment unclean. Bottom of stand up freezer in poor repair.

Dairy Queen, 100 Plaza Drive, 97 on Jan. 15. Notes: Equipment unclean inside prep coolers, door gaskets and around grill area greasy. Ice on floor in walk in, underneath equipment. Lights out over fryer.

Cottage Café of Nicholasville, 409 N. Main St., 98 on Jan. 15. Notes: Ice machine door in poor repair. Floor in poor repair (front of ice machine). Note: wash, rinse, sanitize.

Captian D’s, 189 Imperial Way, 98 on Jan. 15. Notes: Duct tape on prep cooler handle. Racks rusted in prep cooler. Side of equipment unclean, fryers.

Subway, 101 Quinn Drive, 100 on Jan. 15. Notes: No violations observed.

The Well Nutrition, 123 Orchard Drive, 95 on Jan. 17. Notes: Plastic cups with no handles stored in pudding mixes. Ice machine interior in need of cleaning. No hair restraints.

Wendy’s, 946 N. Main St., 94 on Jan. 17. Notes: No paper towels at front hand sink. Floors in walk-in freezer unclean. Dumpster lid open, debris on ground around dumpster area. Ceiling in poor condition and water stained ceiling tiles in lower level dining area.

Big City Pizza, 114 Williams Drive, 95 on Jan. 18. Notes: No soap at hand sink. Can opener unclean. Shelves unclean. Pizza oven catch tray unclean. Grease trap in poor repair on top. Leak in pipe at shut off by hot water heater. Graham cracker crumbs not labeled in clean container.

Diversicare, 100 Sparks Ave., 91 on Jan. 18. Notes: Live roaches and other insects in moist area under dish machine. Wall in poor repair around dish machine in dish washing area. Floor in poor repair around dish machine. Growth on wall behind dish machine. Garbage disposal leaking at dish machine. Ice machine in need of cleaning under plastic pieces. Doors of walk-in cooler and freezer near handle not in good repair. Ceiling tiles shall be updated to a non-acoustical tile that is smooth and easy to clean. Follow up required. 91 on follow up Jan. 23. Notes: Pest company came and treated for roaches. Manager sprayed for insects, but roaches are still present. Another follow up inspection will be done. 95 on Jan. 25. Notes: Ice machine has been clean. No live insects noted. Wall, floor and doors corrected but remain on report until next regular inspection. Garbage disposal leaking. Ceiling tiles shall be updated to non-acoustical tile that is smooth and easy to clean.

Corner House, 228 Richmond Ave., 99 on Jan. 21. Notes: Flour and sugar not labeled.

Red Robin, 101 E. Brannon Road, 99 on Jan. 22. Notes: Inside/outside of equipment unclean.

Mi Pequena Hacienda, 110 Cynthia Drive, 97 on Jan. 22. Notes: Bottom of cooler unclean inside near dishwasher. Top of ice machine shelving near ice machine unclean. Need accurate thermometer in cooler (turbo air cooler). Side of grill unclean. Fan unclean in prep area.

Edible Arrangements, 189 E. Brannon Road, 100 on Jan. 22. Notes: No violations found.

Nicholasville Pit Stop, 1000 S. Main St., 99 on Jan. 22. Notes: Food crumbs in cooler that is being used for storage. Debris on smoothie spouts.

Euro, 102 S. Main St., 99 on Jan. 22. Notes: Flour accumulation on drawers needs cleaning.

Red Bud B&B, 600 N. Lexington, 100 on Jan. 29. Notes: No violations found.

El Portrillo Mex, 1073 N. Main St., 83 on Jan. 29. Notes: Rice not being held at 135. Ceiling tile water damage. Door gasket in poor repair. Cleaning bottle not properly labeled. Flour tortillas being handled with bare hands. Inside of deep freezer unclean. 97 on spot follow up. Notes: rice, flour tortillas and cleaning bottled corrected.

Joe’s Food Mart, 202 S. Main St., 99 on Jan. 29. Notes: Ceiling tiles water stained. Tuna/chicken salad need dates.

Fazoli’s, 1016 N. Main St., 98 on Jan. 29. Notes: Mold around three-compartment sink and wall. Ceiling vent dusty. Equipment/storage racks unclean above prep-cooler.

Cartown Café, 3120 Lexington Road, 100 on Jan. 29. Notes: No violations found.

McDonalds, 100 Imperial Way, 96 on Jan. 29. Notes: Outside of equipment unclean and inside of coolers. Wiping cloths not stored in sanitizer buckets. Box of single service cups stored on floor. Floor slick in food prep area. Walk in floor unclean.

Keene Run Golf Cart, 5600 Harrodsburg Road, 97 on Jan. 30. Notes: Facility is not operating this time. Remove unused and perishable food items. Bar area must have hand sink. Plumping is not working. Needs soap and paper towels.