Nicholasville boxer wins National Silver Gloves Championship

Published 6:18 pm Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Nicholasville resident Tolley Carter II won the National Silver Gloves Boxing Championship in Kansas City, Missouri.

Carter II first had to win regionals in Cincinnati and state in Millersburg before moving on to the national championship.

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Carter II qualified through Silver Gloves where he had to fight another state-born boxer to get to regionals.

There was only one other boxer in his weight class in Cincinnati and he was able to surpass him.

In nationals, there were three other boxers in his weight class and he drew a bye for the first round before winning the championship in the final round.

Carter II said he couldn’t believe what he had achieved.

“I was super glad when I won,” he said. “I have worked hard to get to where I’m at at.”

Carter II said he loves boxing because it is different compared to other sports.

“You get too punch people,” he said. “You can use good defense and other physical things that help a lot. You are also on your own and don’t have a team.”

Tolley Carter, Sr. said it has truly been an honor and blessing to coach his son and watch him grow.

“It’s a really unique situation,” he said. “It’s what every father dreams of to help their kid achieve his personal goals and dreams. He chose boxing and I didn’t choose for him. I took him to Legend’s Youth Boxing Club and I wanted to throw him out there for his curiosity. I thought he would quit if he got punched a few times but it was the opposite. I wired him and he ended up really lovingly it. It’s been a wonderful journey coaching my son.

Carter, Sr. gives thanks to those who has allowed his son to fulfill his dreams.

“I want to thank Legend’s Youth Boxing Club,” he said. “We want to bring awareness to those in Nicholasville. We welcome any kid who is looking for their niche in sports or if they just need something during the offseason to stay in shape. We’re looking for the next stable of champions no matter the county.”

Carter II said his next goal is achieving a heavyweight championship.