Kentucky Equine Humane Center changes name

Published 11:05 am Thursday, January 31, 2019

From staff reports

After 10 years operating as the Kentucky Equine Humane Center, the foremost all-breed equine rescue in the state has changed its name to Kentucky Equine Adoption Center (KyEAC).

The farm, located in Nicholasville on Catnip Hill Road, maintains the same mission of taking in horses from all over Kentucky that are in transition, and giving them the rehabilitation, training and care needed to find them an appropriate adoptive home.

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The name change reflects what KyEAC has always been doing, and alerts people that the farm is an independent non-profit funded by private donations, fundraising events, and grants, with all the horses available for adoption. The horses, donkeys, ponies and mules at the Center all get adopted, no matter how long it takes, which is why their ongoing care can be costly.

The 72-acre farm is the transitional home to approximately 50 horses at any given time, and as soon as one is adopted, another on the waiting list can come to KyEAC and begin getting ready for their forever home.

“We are very proud of the fact that last year we took in 65 horses and adopted out 59,” Executive Director Karen Gustin said. “There are many, many horses in Kentucky that need help, and we are grateful that we’ve able to help so many horses.”

The KyEAC website and Facebook page look the same, though the website address is now listed as The Facebook page is found at·Equine-Adoption-Center-223729331061438./ KyEAC is also on Horse Country Tours under the new name of Kentucky Equine Adoption Center.