Asbury hosts scholarship competition

Published 11:08 am Thursday, January 31, 2019

From staff reports

As a university that seeks to ensure all students have the ability to make attendance as attainable of a goal as possible, Asbury University offers many opportunities for potential and current students to receive financial aid, be it based on academic excellence or financial need. In fact, nearly 99 percent of students who attend Asbury receive financial aid in some manner.

To show their commitment to rewarding high achievement, Asbury is hosting one of its scholarship competition weekends. These events extend invitations to applicants who show outstanding academic achievement, giving them the opportunity to compete for some of Asbury’s highest financial awards.

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Though invitations may be sent out based on academics, the evaluation of potential students goes beyond to evaluate the whole person by looking for young men and women who have holistic traits.

The weekend is a full one for attendees, who begin their Asbury experience Thursday night with a full day of classes, interviews and meetings following on Friday. Candidates are not only encouraged to engage in the activities for the weekend, but to interact and get to know some of the current student body as well. There are two other opportunities scheduled this semester: the second on Feb. 7-8 and the third on Feb. 21-22.

Though the scholarship competitions are major admissions events, the admissions office has several other opportunities for potential Asburians to come to Wilmore and have an early Asbury experience.

Many events are designed specifically for those interested in certain majors, like the STEM Visit Weekend, which is happening in conjunction with this weekend’s competition. Additionally, a Music and Worship Arts Visit Weekend will be held March 7-8, with a Media Communication Visit Weekend on April 26-27.

Group preview events provide a special opportunity for prospective students to not only get to know Asbury, but to also get acquainted with their future classmates.

“The group preview events allow prospective (students) to meet students from all over the country who come to visit Asbury,” Associate Director of Admissions Kim Okesson said. “Late Thursday night they all go to the HICCUP to hang out and have free milkshakes. We are also able to do special activities that we cannot do during an individual visit.”

Though for those who cannot make it to one of the scheduled visit events, the Admissions

Tours are conducted by Asbury Admissions Ambassadors for current students who have a passion for the university and are ready and available to answer any burning questions you might have about Asbury. These tours can include class visits, meetings with professors, tours of campus and dorm halls and even the ability to stay on campus for the evening with a current student.