Restaurant inspections published in the Jessamine Journal 1.24.19

Published 11:42 am Thursday, January 24, 2019

The following health inspections were released by the Jessamine County Health Department:

— Connemara Golf Course, 2327 Lexington Road, 95 on Dec. 18. Notes: Dishwasher not sanitizing. Equipment inside and outside unclean.

— Wilmore Elemen-tary, Campground Lane, 96 on Nov. 8. Notes: Dishwasher rinse temperature 140 degrees. Must be above 180 to sanitize. Paper product must be used until dishwasher is properly sanitizing. Turkey should be sliced to ensure proper cooling. 100 on follow up Jan. 13. Dishwasher attempt. Thermometers are labeled on dishwasher.

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— Circle K, 633 Edgewood Drive, 88 on Dec. 4. Notes: Garbage on ground around dumpster. Door gaskets in poor repair in walk-in. Mice droppings in cabinets under cappuccino machine. Countertop under machines dusty. Nozzle on fountain drink machine unclean. Shelving dusty and items on shelving dusty. Benadryl expired. Tracks unclean on ice cream machine. Three compartment sink unclean. Light shield need three compartment sink. 99 on Dec. 11. Notes: Poor gasket, poor repair in walk-in. Shelving racks dusty. Light not shielded.

— Dollar General, Orchard Circle, 98 on Dec. 11. Notes: Outside of equipment dusty. Ceiling fans dusty. Ceiling tiles water stained.

— Subway, 1024 N. Main St., 98 on Dec. 11. Notes: Shelving equipment dusty. Floor unclean.

— Yamato, 200, Blueberry Lane, 84 on Dec. 11. Notes: Inside of coolers/door gaskets unclean. Milk expired in prep-cooler. Jacket stored on storage rack/shelving with food items. Floor behind fryer/grill unclean throughout kitchen. Equipment greasy around fryer. Shelving countertops unclean. Windex stored next to serving bowls. Improper scoops (need handles). Scoops uncovered in deep freezer. 92 on spot follow up. Notes: Expired milk removed. Windex removed from shelf.

— Dairy Queen, 900 S. Main St., 98 on Dec. 11. Notes: Inside of coolers/door gaskets unclean. Fans dusty. Grease on floor behind equipment.

— China King, 991 S. Main St., 100 on Dec. 11.

— Corman’s Cafe, 101 R.J. Corman Drive, 100 on Dec. 4.

— Giovannis, 851 N. Main St., 99 on Dec. 4. Notes: Door gaskets and shelving unclean.

— Rite Aid, 1401 Keene Road, 98 on Dec. 4. Notes: Ice build up on fans in walk in. Water on floor due to condensation leak.

— Cracker Barrel, 4089 Lexington Road, 92 on Dec. 4. Notes: Improper scoops in sugar container. Label sugar container. Inside of coolers/door gaskets unclean. Top of equipment dusty. Thermometer not conspicuous in all freezers. Floor in walk-in freezer and behind equipment greasy. Equipment greasy in food prep area. Countertops unclean. Ceiling vents dusty, in need of cleaning.

— Family Tree Cafe, 912 S. Main St., 100 on Dec. 11. Notes: Good job.

— The Providence School, 210 S. Lexington Ave. 100 on Dec. 10. Notes: Plumbing at hand sink could be tightened. Able to turn off, but hard to.

— El Rancho Taqueria, 922 S. Main St., 89 on Dec. 11. Notes: Thermometer required in cold drink cooler. Refrigerator not maintaining required temperature. No handles on cups stored in sauces. Raw meat being cross-contaminated throughout kitchen. 94 on follow up. Notes: All violations have been corrected. The critical violation has been removed from reports. The three general violations will remain on report until next routine inspection.

— Asbury Theological Seminary, 204 N. Lexington, 95 on Dec. 10. Notes: Dumpster area unclean. Dumpster lid open. Dumpster lids should remain shut when not in use to prevent wild animal entry. If wildlife can open lid, then a heavier lid or different dumpster is needed. Gasket in bad condition at walk-in freezer. Ice accumulating. Light shield cracked, stained. Ice cream dipper well in need of cleaning. Dish washing room walls in need of cleaning.

— Frances Asbury Society, 1580 Lexington Road, 100 on Dec. 12. Notes: No violations found.

— Heartland Aca-demy, 100 Courchelle, 96 on Dec. 17. Notes: Hair restraint needed. Proper glove use needed in cafeteria. Cloth drying pad not needed for air drying dishes (corrected during inspection).

— Coolidge Parks and Recreation Concession, 98 on Dec. 8. Notes: Keep refrigerator after opening. Food items at a temperature of 41 degrees or cooler.

— Subway, 100 E. Main St., 99 on Dec. 14. Notes: Floor in poor repair. Cloth rug not allowed. Food waste should be in approved container on floor.

— Rite Aid, 951 Main St., 99 on Dec. 12. Notes: Broken glass on floor in walk-in cooler.