Meet the elected official

Published 10:40 am Thursday, January 10, 2019

Alex Carter takes his place on Nicholasville city commission

Alex Carter was sworn in last month as a new commissioner for the City of Nicholasville and will replace Andy Williams.

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Carter is a graduate of West Jessamine High School and Gatton College of Business and Economics at the University of Kentucky.

He has a bachelor of business administration with a major in finance and economics, and has been a small business owner in Nicholasville for 11 years. He also works as a real estate appraiser and consultant at Alex Carter Appraisal Company.

Carter’s work experience includes management of rental properties for Walker Homes, home builder and home renovation business as well as a home energy rating and consulting business owner for Walker Energy Efficient Homes.

His civic involvement includes serving on the Nicholasville Planning and Zoning Board of Adjustments and the 2015 Jessamine County Joint Wilmore Nicholasville Comprehensive Plan Committee.

JJ: What in your background prepared you for your new role with the Nicholasville City Commission?

AC: Having grown up and lived in Nicholasville my entire live, I feel as if I have a great understanding of our community and how government decisions impact our citizens.

As a small business owner here in Nicholasville, I have an every day observation of our community’s needs and communication with residents.

Interaction with the people of Nicholasville is necessary to represent their interests on the Nicholasville City Commission.

JJ: Why did you choose to seek public office?

AC: I want to be involved in decisions that will ensure our future generations have opportunities to succeed and Nicholasville to prosper for many years to come.

I hope to facilitate positive changes in Nicholasville.

JJ: What challenges do you see in the community, and what steps do you think needs to be taken to address them?

AC: The growth rate and how to address increasing city constraints on public safety and city services.

Proper planning for future city services and public safety need to be on our horizon for 10 to 20 years in the future.

Our community’s drug epidemic has affected every family in some form and we must address ways to control this issue and the increased impact on Nicholasville’s public safety departments. Changes to the employee pension system to a hybrid 401K and increased demands on our public safety departments are an immediate impact on all city employees. 

Tough decisions with our city budget requirements are needed to be addressed so we can support our city employees and the required increased pension contributions handed down from the state government.

City government must stay competitive in hiring to maintain great city services we are all accustomed to.

JJ: If you could tell the public one thing about yourself what would it be?

AC: I will always be accessible and work for the people in our community.

JJ: If you serve one term, or many, what do you want your legacy to be?

AC: I, as a city commissioner, am not interested in leaving a legacy, but I do hope to have a positive impact on Nicholasville’s future.

JJ: What are your future plans in politics?

AC: I have no long-term future plans in politics other than to serve on the Nicholasville City Commission for the next two years and make sound decisions for our city government.

I am fully committed to this community and plan to be involved in Nicholasville for many years to come.

I look forward to being involved in our community and representing the citizens of Nicholasville.

JJ: What is something no one in the public might know about you?

AC: I can run a 5:30 mile and I compete in CrossFit workout competitions.

JJ: How long have you lived in the county?

AC: I have lived in Nicholasville my entire live as well as my family in Jessamine County for several generations since the 1790s.

JJ: What do you look forward to accomplishing in 2019?

AC: I hope to assist in effectively operating our city government functions efficiently and enhance the quality of life within Nicholasville.

I will concentrate on building and cultivating relationships, as well as being an attentive listener to the citizens. Embracing teamwork will drive improvement of our city.

As city commissioner, I plan to evaluate our upcoming capital projects including the new fire station in Brannon Crossing and possible new police station and see how we can efficiently provide funding and increased services.

I look forward to assessing compensation in our city departments and provide competitive wages for our city employees.