Restaurant inspections published in the Jessamine Journal 12.27.18

Published 12:58 pm Friday, December 28, 2018

The following restaurants were inspected by the Jessamine County Health Department.

Red Oak Elementary, 921 Union Mill Road, 99 on Sept. 27. Notes: Hand sink sensors causes sink to run shorter time than needed.

Walgreens, 901 N. Main St., 95 on Oct. 26. Notes: Daisy cottage cheese, Sargento balanced breaks and Dean’s 14 ounce milk expired. Debris on floor in walk-in cooler and freezer. 99 on Follow up. Notes: Expired food removed from shelf.

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Pioneer College Catering, Asbury University, 93 on Oct. 8. Notes; Water spouts on juice machine in need of cleaning. Fruit flies near dust pan storage and dish washing machine. Water stains on ceiling tiles. Bottom shelf to the left of the rotisserie station in poor condition. Must be replaced with a surface that is smooth and easy to clean.

E-Z Mart and Deli, 3066 Ashgrove Road, 85 on Nov. 13. Notes:  Equipment unclean. Floors unclean around equipment. Ceiling tiles stained. Needs test strips for measuring sanitizer. Inside of microwave unclean. Fan dusty in food prep area. Milk outdated. Lid open on dumpster. Shelving dusty in retail area. Fountain drink machine unclean. Ceiling tiles and vents dusty. Cleaning bottle not properly labeled. Inside of cabinets under fountain drink machine unclean. Area cluttered near restroom. 93 on spot follow up. Notes: Cleaning bottle properly labeled.

Jimmy John’s, 113 Bryant Drive, 100 on Nov. 13. Notes: No violations observed.

East Jessamine Basketball Concessions, 851 Sulphur Road, 95 on Nov. 13. Notes: No thermometers located in cooler. Sanitizer test strips not located. Container unclean storing ice scoop. Equipment unclean throughout concession stand. Inside cabinet under sink unclean.

East Jessamine Football Concessions, 851 Sulphur Road, 96 on Nov. 13. Notes: Single serve cups stored on floor. Inside of coolers unclean. Need sanitizer strips.

Kroger, 220 E. Brannon Road, 98 on Nov. 13. Notes: Floor unclean in food prep area and in walk in. Equipment unclean around fryer and gaskets.

East Jessamine High Cafe, 851 Sulphur Road, 100 on Nov. 13. Notes: No violations observed.

AFC/Corp Sushi at Kroger, 220 E. Brannon Road, 100 on Nov. 13. No violations observed.

Eli’s Shell, 94 on Nov. 19. Notes: Inside of cabinets unclean under fountain drink machine. Top of fountain drink machine dusty. Ice cream cooler unclean. Single serve cups stored on floor. Dramomine expired. Shelving dirty. 98 on spot followup. Notes: Expired Dramomine removed from shelf.

Tates Creek Mini Mart, 301 Ethel Drive, 89 on Nov. 19. Notes: Garbage overflowing in dumpster. Outside of equipment dusty and inside of coolers. Thermometers not located in cooler. Bags of onions stored on floor. Vent dusty over pizza oven. Thermometer not conspicuous in Pepsi cooler holding dairy products. Shelving dusty in the retail area. Fountain drink machines dusty. Ceiling vents dusty. Bare wood shelving near walk in, paint or stain. Floor in poor repair in front of ice machine. Tracks on ice cream machine not clean. Test strips needed to measure sanitizer. Nozzles unclean on fountain drink machine. Counter top around coffee unclean. Lights not shielded.

Big Apple, LLC, 205 Wilson Drive, 91 on Nov. 19. Notes: Grease on floor around grill. Floor unclean throughout kitchen. Equipment unclean. Inside of two door freezer unclean. Sliding door in poor repair. Thermometer not accurate in warmer. Equipment stored in hand sink. No proper towel at hand sink. Can opener soiled. Outside of containers unclean. Single service cups stored on floor. Floor inside walk in unclean. Need test strips for sanitizer. Medication expired. Ceiling vents dusty. Store single service utensils handle up.

Raising Cains, 334 Keene Center Drive, 97 on Nov. 26. Notes: Dumpster lid open. Cambro spout /drain in need of cleaning.

Firehouse Subs, 455 Keene Center Drive, 99 on Nov. 26. Notes: Ice Spout at ice water and water station in need of cleaning.

Bethel Early Learning Village, 97 on Nov. 20. Notes: Hang broom when not in use. Clean around ceiling vent to remove dust. Clean floor in dish washing room.

Wilmore Elementary, Campground Lane, 96 on Nov. 8. Notes: Dishwasher temperature 140 degrees. Must be 160 degrees to sanitize. Paper product must be used until dishwasher is properly sanitizing. 100 spot follow up. Notes: Dishwasher attempt. Thermometers all labeled on dishwasher.

Triple R Mini Mart, 740 Richmond Ave., 99 on Nov. 28. Notes: Single service cups stored on floor. Shelving dusty. Items dusty on shelves.

Starbucks, 123 Bryant Drive, 100 on Nov. 28. Notes: No violations found.

Bridgepointe, 5220 Grey Oak Lane, 100 on Nov. 28. Notes: No violations found.

Kroger, 170 Bellerive Blvd., 98 on Nov. 28. Notes: Grease on floor around equipment. Equipment unclean on top of ovens.

Circle K, 100 Bellerive Blvd., 98 on Nov. 28. Notes: Box of single service cups on floor. Bottom of freezers unclean. Shelving dusty and inside of cabinets under cappuccino machine. Top of iced coffee machine dusty. Door gasket unclean on cooler below cheese, pepperoni warmer. Need hand washing sign at hand sink. 

El Rio Grand Mex, 220 N. Plaza Drive, 87 on Nov. 28. Notes: Side door open at dumpster. Jacket/Backpack stored on floor. Cleaning bottles not properly labeled. Need hand washing sign at hand sink. Scoop improperly stored in ice bin. Improper scoops in sugar container. Ceiling tiles water stained.

European Food Mart, Lexington Road, 100 food, 99 retail on Nov. 7.  Notes: Carpet in food storage area needs to be cleaned.

Hiccup Cafe, Asbury University, 100 on Nov. 9. Notes: No violations found.

Dollar General, South Lexington Avenue, 96 on Nov. 9. Notes: Men’s restroom out of order. Dumpster lid open.

Asbury University Concession Stand, Asbury University, 97 on Nov. 19. Notes: Sink and handles in need of cleaning. Insect remains under center of lower cabinet. Popcorn pieces should be cleaned. Broom should be hung up when not being used.

Arby’s, South Main Street,  97 on Nov. 13. Notes: Back door should close completely. Ice condensation built up in outdoor freezer.

Depot Pizza, North Third Street, 96 on Nov. 27. Notes: Food can not be stored in back storage. Raw particle board around counters and walls. Floors in poor repair in prep area.

El Rancho Taqueria, South Main Street, 89 on Nov. 28. Notes: Thermometer required in cold drink cooler. Refrigerator in kitchen not maintaining temperature. No handles on cups stored in sauce. Raw meat being cross contaminated throughout kitchen surfaces on gloved hands.

— East Middle School, Union Mill, 99 on Nov. 20. Notes: Sanitizer water not a proper concentration. Sanitizer must be regularly checked. Small accumulation in ice machine.

Jessamine Adult Day, Hoover, 99 on Nov. 26. Notes: Containers in kitchen must be labeled. Three-comp set up without sanitizer. Must be set up as wash, rinse sanitize. Air dry, use test strips to test once.

ABC Learning Academy, North Main Street, 96 on Nov. 27. Notes: Interior of microwave unclean. Water drip from faucet at three compartment sink. Broom and mop should be hung up.

Academy of Little Learners, Wilmore Road, 98 on Nov. 27. Notes: Accurate thermometer needed in refrigerator.

West Jessamine High School, Wilmore Road, 98 on Nov. 7. Notes: Follow up for fall semester inspection. Corrected ceiling tiles, brooms and ice paddles. Interior of small cooler rusty. Door handle missing and door gasket in poor condition on two door cooler at service line.