Walton named SAE Superstar with Jessamine County FFA

Published 12:05 pm Wednesday, November 21, 2018

From staff reports

The Jessamine County Future Farmers of America recently selected Dakota Walton as its SAE Superstar. A Supervised Agricultural Experience project is part of the FFA program designed to allow students to consider multiple careers and occupations, learn expected workplace behavior, develop skills specific to an industry and give them opportunities where they can apply academic and occupational skills in the workplace.

FFA: What caused you to choose this particular SAE?

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DW: Well, I started out with a pet goat and then it went from there. My sister and I got our first show animals, then, of course, that led us to getting more goats and improving our herd and then to doing better at shows with them.

FFA: What has your SAE taught you?

DW: My SAE has taught me responsibility and being able to take care of livestock like when they need to be fed and watered. Just being able to keep the animals healthy.

FFA: How did winning third Overall Market Goat and Grand Champion Kentucky Proud at the Kentucky State Fair make you feel?

DW: It felt good because I know that it meant a lot to my family. We put a lot of time and effort into our projects to get our genetics where they need to be and get the best-looking goat out there. Also, knowing that we won it honestly without anything that would could have compromised our animals.

FFA: What are your future plans with your SAE?

DW: My future plans are to get a better herd and start my own breeding so that we get good genetics on our farm. Then, also getting more involved in the online sales so that we can get more money for the farm.

FFA: Can you see yourself doing this further in the future?

DW: Yes, I can, because with what we have already started, I have the opportunity to make it into a bigger operation to make more money on the farm.

FFA: What skills have you learned from your SAE?

DW: I have learned how to work with the needs of my animals, like when they are sick. Also, how to use feed to make a balanced animal, for example when possibly one goat needs more fat in a certain area.

FFA: Where can you see this SAE taking you?

DW: I can see this SAE leading me back to the state fair. This year I won third overall, and maybe next year I can win first overall. This could also help me with saving up money to go to college.